Funny Sweet Brown Dental Commercial

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Sweet Brown – Toothache? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That! Commercial

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  1. Edward Price Reply

    "If you want to eat steak all your life , you need a knife, a fork, and a great dentist." …… Edward Price

  2. THE ONE Reply

    sometimes its like we live in the world of the simpsons

  3. Stephen R Reply

    I bet when they asked her to do the commercial she said "aint nobody got time fo that!" Then they showed her all the money she'd be paid . . . "now I got time fo that!"

  4. Aaron411 Reply

    This is hilariously cheesy/ scripted!

  5. Andrew King Reply

    That's right sweet brown make that money!

  6. Kimsea Chea Reply

    Well .. I woke up to get me a cold pop. And then I realized my tooth was hurting. Then I said oh lord jesus this is a toothache. And I ran I ain't grab no shoes and non jesus, I ran for the dentist. And when the dentist check it, I got so nervous. Ain't no body got time fo dat…

  7. ephorhika Reply

    It's like a scene from south park…

  8. Evan Paik Reply

    Holy shit I go to that dentist!!!!!!

  9. Vsauce6 Reply

    While watching, press 1 and then wait a second and then 4 and wait a second and then 7.

  10. nanior Reply

    In the beginning I thought she was spitting on me I said to myself oh… It's just a video #LOL

  11. DjHelyxx Reply

    Yeah dude, that place is right down the street – saw this on TV one day and just about died. lol

  12. MsCamiBaby Reply

    Your grammar isn't appropriate enough for a comment.

  13. Frank DeGulis Reply

    Her video is now one of mine and many others favorite saying!!!

  14. Smo-G Reply

    sweet brown is bart simpson "I didnt do it"

    I can see her in 10 years all fucked up because nobody cares zombie on crack saying aint noooo body got time for that aint nobody got time for that!!!!!