GC Tooth Mousse to protect against dental decay

GC Tooth Mousse Dental Creme Product Video

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  1. singh singh Reply

    can we apply this if we already have dental decay??

  2. ToothShopNZ Reply

    You probably are using it correctly but some white patches respond better than others. If it is a solid white spot sometimes these can be more difficult to correct and you may need to see your dentist.

  3. May See Reply

    the spot covers about half of my spot also am i using the product correctly?

  4. May See Reply

    using tooth mousse by rubbing it on my teeth with a dry finger then sleeping and i havent noticed a difference? i was wondering if this tooth mousse will remove my decalicified spots?

  5. May See Reply

    i have decalfication spots on one of my front tooth for about 3 years now a d i havr been using too

  6. succubi, Reply

    There's a 85% chance I'll be getting braces soon, and I have decalcification (white patches on my teeth for a loooonng time), how would I go about using this?

  7. ToothShopNZ Reply

    Any extra benefit you get from this will be negligible. Normally all we recommend is no rinsing, eating or drinking for 30 minutes after application. The best advice would be to minimise the frequency of your soft drinks to reduce the damage to your teeth in the first place.

  8. ToothShopNZ Reply

    If your teeth are deteriorating then there is still something causing this that you need to address,remineralising toothpastes and Tooth Mousse are not magic cures and will only slow the damage, you would be better to stop the cause.The best advice would be to see a good dentist-dental treatment can be expensive,but preventive dental care is relatively less expensive.You would need to look at medical,dietary,lifestyle and oral hygiene factors that may need modification to reduce dental erosion.

  9. ToothShopNZ Reply

    A custom tray is a useful way to help use Tooth Mousse. GC (manuacturer) says that there is no research to suggest a tray application is any more beneficial except if it helps you to use it more regularly. If you are concerned about how much you are using apply it without a tray (i.e.´╗┐ apply pea size with finger) after brushing in the morning and again at night before bed. You should find the tube should last up to 6 weeks. If you have any ongoing sensitivity please go back to see your dentist.

  10. twyffs Reply

    Hi My dentist has made me a gum tray to help me use this product. I have chronic tooth sensitivity due to receding gums. At the moment I'm putting the tooth mousse in the gum tray and leaving in all night. It's expensive as i'm getting through a tube in 6/7 days, but I don't mind if it will solve the problem. Can you tell me if this is an appropriate way to use this product?

  11. ToothShopNZ Reply

    Unfortunately there isn't anything available yet that can repair a tooth once the enamel surface is cavitated. If there are cavities present, the dentist would need to physically repair them.

  12. Lobster Bacon Reply

    This is only for white spots right? Is there anything to heal the areas where cavities are?

  13. ToothShopNZ Reply

    Normally with any whitening products we would recommend cleaning your teeth first, then whitening. If you wanted to then use a rinse as well as GC Tooth Mousse Plus, it would be better to use your 3D rinse after whitening and then coat the teeth with the Tooth Mousse last. This way you don't rinse away the Tooth Mousse before it has had a chance to permeate into the teeth.

  14. jorge segura Reply

    @ToothShopNZ i had a question….. im using 3d whitening strips and then brushing my teeth and then using a 3d mouth wash…. so in what order do i use the gc tooth mousse plus? in my daily routine?

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