Giant Robot Dinosaurs from Japan

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan has created some incredible new robot/animatronic dinosaurs that can actually walk around.

This is useful for children education where they can see how the dinosaurs lived and what their real dimensions and motions were!

It’s Never too Late to Study:

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  1. Dark Mist Reply

    How else watched this as I
    A kid thinking it was cool, but now looking back it's stupid caompaired to what we have today

  2. Shafat06 XD Reply

    Ooooooof i remeber when i was like 6-7 watching this gaved me Nightmares :'(

  3. StarPegasus Reply

    진짜 티라노가 저렇게 움직이면 모든 동물들 다 도망 갔겄다. 저래서 사냥이나 할수 있겠어? 몸집 큰 초식 동물이냐?

  4. Tony Films335 Reply

    They did it sniff
    They made a walking animatronic!!!

    And ruined it by taking a dump and recording it and used it for the sounds.

  5. TruzE. Reply

    I finally found this video! I first watched it when Ivwas like 4 years old! I am now 12.

  6. Coco Perez Reply

    Who else saw this when you were little

  7. Ana Reply

    Meda os 2 dinossauro

  8. Bill Bear Reply

    Oh God 11 years ago times have changed

  9. Shadow Guy Reply

    I whas 5 when i watched this now i am 12