He Lost His First Tooth!

Jacob lost his first tooth!!!

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36 Replies

  1. Emily McDowell Reply

    Does anyone know where bailey's dress is from? It's so cute!

  2. Peyti B Reply

    A Vlog the day before my birthday

  3. Emiley and Halle Reply

    lol Chris said when Jacob looses a tooth he literally looses a tooth!

  4. Allison Selman Reply

    Your children have such strong relationships. I truly admire your family.

  5. Jackson Oehler Reply

    Thats funny, the new refiduator that you got is the one I have

  6. Cyridd Reply

    "A long time ago which was today I wiggled it and wiggled it"OMG that was so funny

  7. Maddi Reply

    Is Bailey wearing no pants? Because I never saw a video with her wearing pants

  8. theGeekLadyPH Reply

    He lost his tooth and the entire family are so happy about it. Im not sure if this is an american culture or something but I wish everyone are like this family.

  9. Yay lil Angel Reply

    You don't put it under your pillow u put it in a glass of water

  10. Maddie Romanoff Reply

    They are going to be such good sibling friends when they are older, Bailey takes care of Jacob. Its sweet.

  11. Tom Koch Reply

    One time I lost a tooth and I told my brother, he asked me where it went…

  12. Melanie's vlogs Reply

    when I looked at this it was day I lost my tooth 2-2 -16

  13. Dogo Girl Reply

    a long time ago witch was today lol

  14. Crystal Boven Reply

    I just love these videos of your family thank you for showing us your life I know it's hard for you to vlog your personal life but do you realize Chris that your videos make me smile I had such a hard day & was feeling a bit sad and your video made me lmbo and smile thank you and God Bless you & the family

  15. Ashley Olmedo Reply

    Aww congrats Jacob! ☺️ p.s don't put your tongue in the gap because then your tooth is gonna come out crooked I use to do the same and I had to get braces!

  16. MichaelaW_97 Reply

    "My tounge is my new tooth" best part of the whole vlog

  17. Rosa Reply

    when I lost one of my teeth I think I did swallow it so I went and found a kinda white tiny rock and said it was my tooth. I don't know if she believed. and then I got a dollar or something from the tooth fairy and I felt bad because I lied. lol but yeah :p

  18. Grace Walker Reply

    Hey guys!!! It would mean the world to me if you subscribed to my youtube channel! I am a new youtube ;))