Hiring a Dental Receptionists Part 2

Hiring a dental receptionist can be difficult! Do you go with experience, or what about a great candidate that has no dental experience?
Our staff had a lot of fun re-creating real situations we’ve had in our hiring process. DentalPost.net and Front Office Rocks have teamed up to give you all the resources you need to avoid hiring the wrong staff and holding your dental team back.

5 Replies

  1. America Hombre Reply

    Thanks for making this video, it's funny and informative! This will help so much for my search to be dental receptionist.

  2. Hailey Mastin Reply

    Unfortunately, I know a 'Party Girl' and for some reason a dental office hired her XD I think her grandma knew the dentist.I feel really bad for that office!!!

  3. Candy_Apple Reply

    lmao Subscribe! funny vid with real life situations