How Dental Floss Is Made

A look at the manufacturing process of dental floss – an invaluable invention for maintaining oral hygiene and a great weapon against gum diseases.

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  1. BTB Reply

    Cool video

  2. Shady Souljah Reply

    Could someone please tell me which flossing brand is this?

  3. Howard Farran Reply

    Amazing floss documentary! I have been a dentist for 25 years and I have never seen how floss is made! Thank you for this! Howard Farran DDS

  4. metapod Reply

    Snaggle tooth brits clearly don't floss. Could have chosen a different guy.

  5. gagemonster555 Reply

    "keeping the whole of Britain free of gum disease" wait what.

  6. Anna Reply

    Because we need floss more then a ladder to the moon o_o?

  7. KhatiDaal Reply

    damn.. i never knew dental floss was that tough =|

    And thanks for a great vid triwood =D

  8. sheupe Reply

    What show is this from?

  9. Walter Edmund Reply

    Thanks Triwood!!! Awesome video and this is the exact same floss I use, nice to know how it was made!

  10. Salah Reply

    thanks for the video