How to get into dental school with a low GPA

This video is about How to get into dental school with low GPA

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9 Replies

  1. Duaa M Reply

    Hi Dental School Coach, Dose volunteering in a dental clinic or with a dentist also strengthens my application?

  2. Roger Reply

    first of all what do you consider LOW GPA? cause anything lower than a 3.0 i consider low

  3. acalanes1 Reply

    Hi, I have a gpa of 2.36 and post bac gpa of 3.25, you think I can get into dental school with 6 month observation.

  4. Em R Reply

    You say that research experience is valued, as well as being published. Does it count if I was published as a 5th author in an ACS paper? I also have thousands of hours of research experience, due to years of work as a staff research associate at a university. Would these facets of my application work in my favor, in your opinion?

  5. Cecilia Sullins Reply

    Thank you for the video! How do you compare postbac programs and getting a master's degree for example MS in microbiology and cell biology or MS in biochemistry (1-1.5 years long with research requirement)? If I do well during my master's, say a solid GPA of 3.75+ combined with a DAT score of 22, but a low undergraduate GPA of 3.0 with science gpa of 3.2. I have one paper published through Current Biology but only second authored. What are my chances of getting into a dental school? For master's options, there are many online master's options that are tailored for GPA-enhancement and students who are pre-med/pre-dental, I am currently working at a neuroscience lab right now as a lab technician so it will be better for me time-wise to do an online program, but I worry that it may not carry as much weight as traditional MS, many schools do not accept online credits at all. What is your take?
    Thank you for your time!

  6. dstar01 Reply

    Thank you for sharing this info on your channel! I was wondering, does a research paper submitted to my university count as research that I should put in my personal statement?

  7. Aly and Art Reply

    You said to have a stellar personal statement, but you gave no advice on what kinds of things would comprise a stellar personal statement. How would the applicant know whether it was REALLY good or not? Thanks for the tips.

  8. Royalty Blue Reply

    What do you mean do research and published in a newspaper?

Reply to Aly and Art X