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“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile” – Connie Stevens

“If Beauty is power, then smile is its sword” – John Ray

If above quoted is the value of your smile, then why not glamour it up with a little jewellery?

Your route to glittering tooth when you smile is as follows:

Tooth surface cleanup
Tooth surface polish
Composite application as a preparation to stick the jewellery
The jewellery is accurately placed on the requested tooth and position
A curing (UV) light is used to firmly fix the jewellery in its position
Voila!!! Presenting to you a marvelous renewed smile

Tooth jwellery is as good as wearing any other ornament. or rather even better than that!! one need not be conscious and protective about it. Tooth jwellery is the one non-invasive, reversible and affordable cosmetic procedure.

You can contact any dentist for acquiring a tooth jwellery, if perfection is not your concern.

While if you are too conscious about every millimeter of the positioning by its varying aesthetic value by virtue of the latitudes and the longitudes involved, FMS International Dental Center is the place you need.

You can get a detailed preview of what and how it will look like. Tooth jewels and stones generally can last 6 months to a year. It highly depends on the position of the jewel, your eating habits, and your oral and dental hygiene. If you wish for the jewel to be removed or would like to change the jewel, it can be easily replaced by your dentist.