How to install a tooth bar (toothbar) and Review Harbor Freight drill bit set #00527

So Oklahoma has some pretty hard soil. Lots of clay so digging is pretty hard with a smooth bucket. But with a tooth bar it makes breaking into the ground much easier. It’s kinda the difference between diving into water and a belly flop. The largest drill bit I had was only 1/2″ so I also use the Harbor Freight silver and deming drill bit set. sizes: 9/16,5/8,11/16,3/4,13/16,7/8,15/16 and 1″ I use a 3/4″ drill bit for the bolt to go through the bucket.

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  1. David Reply

    Dewalt makes pilot point bit that prevents 4:01. But can do without.

  2. David Reply

    Successful. 4:01 is stuck because the rpm is too low. When it's about to break thru, increase the RPM to its maximum then engage. I have the same B&D drill and yes it blows smoke yet still works fine.

  3. 2LateIWon/Organized Chaos Reply

    @calvinhobbescinnamon Sorry I do not know the brand name of it. And to be honest I totally got lucky buying this. I saw some like this on ebay and they should install the same way. I looked around on youtube to see if I could find a vid of this or something like this with no such luck. If you do install one you can attach it to this if ya want. Glad I could help you out good luck!!!

  4. calvinhobbescinnamon Reply

    watched your video and found that it was educational. i am looking for a tooth bar for my kubota and watching your video gave me great insight on how to install it. what brand is this bar? i cant seem to find them anywhere….

  5. 2LateIWon/Organized Chaos Reply

    @pptgtool Thanks I meant to do A LOT better of a job actually talking about the bits the case and everything but I had my old camera that doesn't have a lot of time to record on it. But ya for $30.00 and as well as it cut I was pretty impressed.

  6. Tools In Action Reply

    Nice Job, that tractor is ready for some digging! Nice review on the Harborfreight bit set.

  7. Working Man Reply

    Good job, you made it look easy.Those bits seem good.