How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration

How to make the Lorry from the Coke Christmas commercial. DIY tutorial guide for turning old Coke cans into a model of the Christmas Coke Lorry which actually lights up. Made famous from the Coca-Cola Christmas Trucks advert with the Holidays Are Coming song by Melanie Thornton – Wonderful Dream.

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Great home made craft idea and Coke can Christmas decoration show as a step by step video demonstration, and a fun way to recycle old aluminum coca cola cans.

Music: Olde Timey – Kevin MacLeod (

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  1. Super Node Reply

    DaveHax thank you very much for the great tutorial. I did Shuttle Truck from Pepsi can by inspired by your video. If someone interested you can check out from my channel, recently uploaded. Good luck guys!

  2. Hayden 360 Reply

    Have the speed at 0.75 and it sounds normal

  3. SamTheNiceCat_OAFC Reply

    He is talking super quickly, I couldn't even tell what he was saying. All I heard was LXKXJDJCDSKAOXO

  4. Meow Meow Reply

    I hate it when people in the 1950’s are expecting to have flying cars in the future and would be disappointed later of what is happening today. They should have been realistic enough in setting expectations…If they were to expect something, they should start it from thwmselves (for example create a business out of flying cars) This is to prove how stupid, and moronic the 1950’s people really are 😡…

  5. Wa Wa Reply

    He don't talk so fast,I think because of he talks when doin dat and he sped da vid so he's voice becomes faster(I think)

  6. iPhone Tips & Tricks Reply

    I did this It came out good

    But it took me 3 hours cause it was hard to cut the cans and then cutting glueing but it was all worth it thank you Dave 🙏

  7. Belia Krouse Reply

    You can use woodprix instructions to build it in the cheapest way.

  8. Shantel Fullerton Reply

    You can find nice instructions on woodprix website if you like to build it

  9. Tye Spiller Reply

    my bro tryed to do this he drank 5 cans of coke and had to be taken to the hospital… he turned out to have a small hole in his liver…

    this video is still good though

  10. Sid3300 Reply

    starting to look pretty cool aye?

  11. lol 399900 Reply

    ಠ_ಠ if you have a million cans, what you will get?

    · a truck

    ·a car

    . a house