How To Pass Your Dental Hygiene Board Exams

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CRACK THE NBDHE INFO: “The material is devised by our team of expert dentists and dental hygienists to follow the same scope and distribution of concepts and topics that are tested on the NBDHE. After each test, the performance and results are shown which helps student identify strengths and weaknesses and enables them to learn from detailed rationales and explanations for every single question. Our material is updated continuously, new versions are streamlined seamlessly and automatically to the account, and are will be adding Tests #5 and #6 shortly.”

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13 Replies

  1. Anahi Fuentes Reply

    Im not ready to study for boards😭 never thought this time would come lol

  2. Be Real Reply

    Tried it didn't even let m register v😭😭😭

  3. just nothing Reply

    can you do a Q & A on how you got in DH school and how was it plz!!!????

  4. De todo un poco Reply

    Andy RDH is a great app. I studied with that app and I passed

  5. Erika w Reply

    When you were a RDA how did you decide why type of practice you wanted to assist in? Like general, Ortho etc

  6. Samuel Batista Reply

    In Dental Hygienist studies the pre-reqs to apply for de DAT and Dental School?

  7. Johnny Kent Reply

    Can you make a video about expanded function dental hygienist that can restore teeth and place crowns and do dentures

  8. Lau.810 Reply

    Hiiii , where can I find that book? The dental hygiene board review??? Thanks very much for your help

  9. Rida fatima Reply

    What is the difference between a dentist and a dental hygienist..? I khow its a lame question but i have first time heard that their is a dental hygienist too…