How to Practice The Dental Five Rules…and many more!

If you care about your teeth, you need to follow these simple tips. It will save you from a lot of aches and pains in the future. Happy Flossing!

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  1. Doggieworld3 Reply

    everyone says brush twice a day but…When they say "brush x minutes after eating", do they mean the toothbrush? Or just not with flouride?
    Can I drink water instead?

  2. MrJetMango Reply

    Im again in this weird part of YT. lol

  3. Manuel Suastegui Reply

    Thank you so much for the tip I really appreciate you taking the time and explating all the Technics

  4. Rifle Shooter Channel Reply

    I wish this dude had videos available like 15 years ago.

    I would have quite a bit less fillings 😂

    All my dentists back then were abrasive jerks 😂

  5. Wesley EVC Reply

    I’m wondering how long does it take to do it daily…

  6. Adam Ali Reply

    Thanks a bunch. Best video I've seen on this topic. Much appreciated

  7. Mary M Reply

    You are very thorough and I like your explanations. What do you recommend for an electric toothbrush?

  8. Daydragon1234 Reply

    So I’ve had inflamed gums for a while. And I floss up and down. But how far am I supposed to go up when they’re in flame? Do I push as far as it’ll go up the tooth line where it hurts and then back down or what?

  9. Ivan Emma Reply

    With that accesory is much easier to do it and you don`t spend as much floss as when you do it with your hands. I have a question by the way: You mentioned that one of them is reusable, that means you can rinse any type of dental floss? Also, in any of this accessories, can you replace the stretch of dental floss? Thank you.

  10. A K Reply

    Thanks for the extensive info!

  11. Nofapper 012 Reply

    I tried this now my back molars are sore is that a good sign hopefully by a year from now my gums won’t be sore and not bleed

  12. Nofapper 012 Reply

    Mostly all other videos of flossing teeth they only go up and down like three times So is it really healthy to floss it up and down ten times??

  13. Tonya D Reply

    What about if you have fillings and cannot get in between??

  14. Lampa Reply

    all is great except 4 types of floss used each night, its an overdose and if its really needed there are the dentists that can clean the teeth every three months. also if we are environmental and prefer not to produce so much waste (12 toothbrushes per year) what we can do? i just see all this floating around the ocean

  15. Jaime eclair Reply

    Thanks a lot for this video. I always used to floss after I brushed, and always brushed before breakfast, lol . I learned a lot from this video.

  16. Independence9 Reply

    I have permanent braces at the back pf my teeth + lumineers and i can’t use the regular floss .. what can i do !

  17. kitu wadhwani Reply

    Explained so nicely. You're doing a great job! Keep it up!

  18. Knight-45 Reply

    Should you brush your teeth before or after eating breakfast. Also what’s better, salt water rinse or mouthwash? Or should you do both?

  19. M Reply

    Thank you. I haven't been flossing near enough. Watching video over and over to memorize.

  20. Robert Blake Reply

    I love having the option of 1.25 or 1.5 speed. Informative video here but at normal speed, I was nodding off.

  21. Toutou Hypou Reply

    من. فضلك. يا دكتور. كيف. انظف. الاسنان الفورية. وهل هي. جيدة ام لا. لان. الأكل. يدخل. بداخلها. وهل. تعمل. ريحة كريهة في الفم. جاوبني

  22. suyrriah xo Reply

    what if you your gums bleed from the sstring being pushed upward

  23. Mike556678 Reply

    This is the total complete encyclopedia in regards to taking care of your teeth. Unbelievably thorough ! You look like a younger version of Carlos Santana and also seem to have a similar type of gentle energy. Are you by any chance related ?

  24. Monica Schultz Reply

    the electric toothbrush has been a life saver for me. it stops when I brush too hard and my teeth feel soooo clean.

  25. perlaand Reply

    He brushes side sliding the brush. I learned to brush from the gum up.