How to Survive the Dentist – Talking Tom’s Brainfarts

Dentist appointments are one of the inevitable horrors of modern time. And I know how to overcome them.

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  1. Marissa Banks Reply

    Tom I know how you feel I am terrified of the dentist last week on July 3rd I have I have a dentist appointment and I don't like the dentist it's creepy it's scary it died plane all just don't like the dentists they don't have anything fun to do all I do is just clean teeth it's just boring I can't stand there for a whole day and the dentist office and just sit there for a whole 24 hours. Without my tablet I would be sleep defied so I was just telling you Tom I love your channels you're so amazing and Angela she's the best she has a cool voice and she loves to sing that makes me happy Hank and Ginger and Ben don't have singing voices like Angela so that's why I say that Angela is the best singer and I mean it Tom I definitely mean it I love Angela voice I have a singing voice like her

  2. Taymaa Alahmad Reply

    I'm not scared of the dentist to be honest I LOVE THE DENTIST (except when they put that huge black thing in my mouth that i think is a stapler) i even forced my mom once to take me to the dentist for an appointment but it was cancelled anyway great rap


    Good song. And I never had fear of dentists. And when some doc takes my blood. Actually I don't have a fear of blood either.

  4. Biniam Weldab Reply

    Going to the dentist is easy scared you cat 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀😺😺

  5. linh mỹ Reply


  6. D. Lo Reply

    Tom is afraid of dentist?

  7. GamingJonahTV Reply

    At least someone here, or somebody fron another place gets to the dentist!

  8. rl hernandez Reply

    How to Survive the Dentist – Talking Tom's Brainfarts (Season 1 Episode 7)
    Film Director: Gil Parteleséivcri
    Written by: Samo Login, and Jean-Bernard Davidson
    Directed by: Jungwoo Park
    Storyboard by: Wayne Schwartzman, and Esteban Valdez

  9. rl hernandez Reply

    Executive Producers: Samo Login, Boris Dolenc, Tom Martin
    Producer: Kevin Pedersen
    Supervising Producers: John N. Huss, John Derevlany, Kent Josephus
    Voice: Tom, Frank Bayer
    © 2010-2016 Outfit7 Limited. All Rights Reserved.

  10. V. C. Reply

    Tom🐱 Angela🐈 ginger🐯 Ben🐶 Hank🐕

  11. Elisha Mundo Reply

    Not sure what the plan was for a lot I have a few things I need the same😶😑 just the same as the

  12. Elisha Mundo Reply

    How much for just the needful as soon as possible

  13. Ieva Milulite Reply


  14. Spencer5478 Reply

    Anyone back here from the most recent episode?

    I am!

  15. Jinx Weasly Reply

    lol I love this it’s so funny in a dumb way

  16. Sly Cooper Reply

    Oh my god that song is terrible, I'm having the same reaction as Toothpick every time he hears a whistle

  17. Shadow Memez Reply

    I think my biggest tooth expirience is gonna be tommorow i'm going to the pro's to pull my tooth out and if needed to sleep me (or watever that's called)
    1 like 1 prayer