How To Take an Impression, Pour and Trim a Cast (in dental school)

I made this video as punishment for missing a lecture by my professor during dental school.

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  1. jaychokshi Reply

    your number 9 is chipped what a waste of effort lol

  2. Alya Mohan Reply

    The work is really more than amazing 👍🏽🌸

  3. Abu Ahamad Reply

    عمله حاجز لبني بعد خلع درسه هل ده صح ولاغلط

  4. Abc Xyz Reply

    Really loved video thankyou sooooo much for it sir..👍👍👍

  5. Efthymis Oraiopoulos Reply

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  6. Jono Bennett Reply

    It sucks trying to read while watching what's going on in the video. A voice-over for instructions would be more beneficial.

  7. Jono Bennett Reply

    How long do you leave the alginate impression in the mouth?

  8. Sarah Brown Reply

    It would have been nice for you to say what you were using like the brand and what you should not do so you don’t mess the impressions and stuff up.the music was annoying and the video didn’t really need it just explaination

  9. B. Sıla Reply

    Ölçüyü alırken aljinat donacak diye gerildim

  10. Adrian Scott Reply

    It's a great start. When it's time to deliver for real patients, experience will get it done faster and efficiently. Depending upon the appliance its being made for its good.

  11. Nancy Kelly Reply

    Liked your video! Do you practice in Las Vegas? I own a concierge dental lab in Henderson.If so, lets get together for networking. Looking for a great technician to operate our cam system in Vegas.Thanks

  12. The Real Girl Shady Reply

    The "willing patient" might have crapped his pants…. He looked scared to the core!! 😂😂