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  1. TruckinToeKnee Reply

    Never herd of that for sex thought dentist used it on patients

  2. beautynessme Reply

    very educational – not many ppl teach this so the f to the negative comments and kudos to you for promoting safety 7 fuquing years ahead of the game

  3. Jt Muffinz Reply

    This was actually a hidden episode of a hoarder gone mad for them trying to throw things away.

  4. _len 4ik_ Reply

    Considering the mess on the background I would certainly advice anybody having any sexual interaction with her to use all types of contraceptions all at once!!!

  5. YouNeverReallyLeft Reply

    Youth group and sexual classes do not go in the same sentence….unless of course you're talking about a non-believers youth group and I've never heard of one of those.

  6. GSXRBOY814 Reply

    Someone already beat me to it. But CLEAN YOUR DAMN ROOM!

  7. PURPLE GEM Reply

    she uses dental dam because her coochie is as dirty as her room..

  8. clearevil Reply

    can you first talk about the earthquake that just happened in our room

  9. Truth B. Told Reply

    I don't want Dat dental dam…I want Dat pussie juice

  10. becky1304530 Reply

    So bigger question than how to use a dental dam, is why you are having sex with someone who you need to use one with. I mean really have some self respect and get to know the person first and make sure they dont have anything you could catch BEFORE you have sex of ANY kind.

  11. Joy Anne Reply

    Shit, I did grow up in a simpler time

  12. aparisi1995 Reply

    Okay this videos was on how to use dental dams not her house cleaning skills so hop off her business

  13. Theresa Turner Reply

    She needs a class on house cleaning damn!!!! How can you possibly take her seriously with a messy room like that??!!?!!

  14. Ms. Tee Reply

    How can someone that never used a dental dam teach someone else how to use it. They can do just wat u did and read the pkg. U never seen a dental dam until u shoot this video. Lmao….quotes of advice, the nxt time u shoot a video pls make sure ur background is clean. I hope u dnt bring anyone in that room looking like that.