How to use dental floss effectively

This video shows how to use dental floss with the free, award-winning Brush DJ app, which makes keeping your teeth and gums healthy – fun!

Brush DJ plays 2 minutes of music taken at random from your devices music library – finally brushing becomes something to enjoy!

Floss can be found in most supermarkets, dental practices, pharmacist and online.

Download Brush DJ now for free at the Apple App Store or Google Play

Brush DJ has been developed by a dentist for anyone wanting to prevent gum disease and tooth decay to help maintain a healthy smile and fresh breath. Also, by using this app you will rediscover your music collection- from guilty pleasures to holiday anthems!

Brush DJ also allows you to set reminders to:
• Change your toothbrush head every 3 months
• Brush at least twice a day
• Floss/use an interdental brush daily
• Use a mouthrinse -if appropriate
• When you next need to visit the dentist
• When you next need to visit the hygienist

Feedback on how you feel Brush DJ can be improved is welcomed via the contact form on .Here you can also let us know your favourite song to brush to, which might make it into the Brush DJ Top 5!

You can follow Brush DJ on Twitter and like on Facebook 🙂

Developed by dentist Ben Underwood –
UK General Dental Council Number 76663 –
Produced by Nik Morris Associates –

This video features:
Sound effects from
‘Generic Smartphone’ available under creative commons by N33
Extract from “IceCold” by Jason Shaw – available under creative commons
Extract from “Citylife(Meme vs Xan) by Meme – available under creative commons
‘Motorcycle model’ by Sebastian Lague available under creative commons
‘Ford 57 Thunderbird model’ by Riley Lowe available under creative commons
‘Jaw model’ by Ever Hobbes available under creative commons

16 Replies

  1. mike419100 Reply

    Thanks for the highly instructive video

  2. miranda whitehead Reply

    I don’t know how to use string floss still don’t understand how to hold it

  3. Who's Scott Green Reply

    nicely done but why would i wash cars and cycles with tooth brush

  4. ThePaulfullTruth Reply

    Are you kidding about using so much floss? You should only need to use
    about 8 inches. Manufacturers make the floss too waxed and slippery to
    cause more consumption of their product.

  5. sephiroth Reply

    i've lived for 30 years now, n never floss my gonna buy myself a floss stick tomorrow

  6. A. I. Reply

    Thanks! Very nice demo. However, I'm confused with one thing- is it in and out or, ups and downs movement between your teeth? some says ups and downs are the correct technique :/

  7. VampireJoe Reply

    this is good because as a 30 guy, i'm quite embarrassing to ask my fds how to use it, thx for the good job ~

  8. SuperGrey95 Reply

    I finally get it ! thank you so much ! very helpful ;__;

  9. Sergio Cruz Reply

    The graphics are amazing! Congrats! As a Periodontist, i only should make one note. Between the tooth and the interdental papillae, there is the gingival sulcus, which has to be also cleaned. The floss may enter into the sulcus, something around 2 milimeters. In the vídeo, this cannot be seen… It should be placed the idea that floosing does not intend only to take off rests of food. Its main purpose is to disrupt dental plaque, which is the main responsible to the beginning of dental cáries and gums diseases.

  10. Howard Farran Reply

    Thank you for sharing this excellent video on how to use dental floss! Howard Farran DDS, MBA