(HQ) Snatch – Bullet Tooth Tony

Why can’t you find me Franky, Doug?
Avi, what do you want me to do? I’m not a bounty hunter.
What about Tony?
Bullet-Tooth Tony.
Who’s Bullet-Tooth…
You silly fuck.
He’s a liability.
He’d find Moses and the burning bush.
You are gonna die, Tony!
He got shot six times, had the bullets moulded into gold.
I shoot you, you go down!
He has two in his teeth that Dad did, so he loves Dad.
Why don’t you fucking die?
He’s the best chance you got. Six times?
In one sitting.
You’re in trouble now.
Sounds promising. What are we waiting for?

37 Replies

  1. Myron Gonzalez Reply

    China Dude: I SHOOT YOU!.. YOU GOING DOWN!..

  2. Mr. Green Reply

    What’s the name of the Asian guy?

  3. iBourne xx 1994 Reply

    This scene is so good that I only just realised there are tits in it.

  4. Torian Flack Reply

    Given he opens with "You silly fuck," I'm not sure the guy was actually in any trouble until he tried-and-failed to kill Tony.
    Like, "Ahh, you fucked up. Now you've fucked up."

  5. Maxbuerrox Reply

    Tfw you’re a Chinese gangster who just unloaded a clip and your target isn’t dead and he’s coming towards you with the sword saying “you’re in trouble now” 0:41. #relatable

  6. Brandon Matthew Reply

    This is why you don't go lower than a .357 mag for your conceal-carry.

  7. Sabrowsky Reply

    I like how tony just pulls out a fucking sword and no one comments on it being unusual

  8. darthkahn45 Reply

    When you get stung by a wasp and he can't free his stinger to get away.

  9. Paulo P. Reply


  10. Doc Lex Reply

    the twins totally look like tony, like they are all brothers

  11. Nebi Lika Reply

    That Asian guy is hilarious. Silly fuck!

  12. BLACK ROB Reply

    I guess him and 50 cent have something in common.

  13. bsklasika Reply

    i like that whole Tony scene escalation:
    – Toooonyy
    – you silly fuck!
    – you're gonna die, Tony!
    no sense, no reason, but hilarious as fuck. plus that dumb song.

  14. Xone9 Reply

    Word of advise: when a man you just shot 6 times stands up, pulls out a sword, and tells you you're in trouble now, YOU ARE IN FUCKING TROUBLE!!!