I Got my Teeth Pulled in Pattaya. What a Week of Vacation!

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Less than 24 hours after having my teeth pulled in Pattaya, Thailand, I am almost pain free. However, what a week of vacation this has been. Unfortunately, my travel plans are going to have to change as I now have 4 more dental appointments this month. We will still travel new parts of Thailand on my April, 2019 vacation.

This week was filled with dental work and traveling parts of Thailand I have not seen before, particularly here in Thailand. This live stream was filled with valuable information for those looking to travel Thailand.
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14 Replies

  1. icewall flatearth Reply

    Would love to see the video of dentist office and them pulling your tooth……videos of everything.. Lol..

  2. Hans Apollo Reply

    Hello….maybe you can do a video only about the dentist problem, looking forward to that!

  3. peresol1956 Reply

    Had all my bridge work done 2 years ago pattaya this year root treatment this year, great dental work at a good price

  4. Oasia1996 Oasia1996 Reply

    Hey JC! I have been following your channel for a few months and just got caught up on your videos. Even though you are switching gears to further your education, you should still keep vlogging. Lots of people want to know what it’s like to pursue a career in education. And keep your vids in Adsense. Nobody works for free, bro. People contribute money and views in appreciation of the entertainment value. Seems crazy to cut back monetization when you are closing in on 20k subs.

    Don’t even read messages from the trolls. It takes up too much real estate in your mind. There will always be crazy/evil people in the world. Engaging them in anyway is just letting their darkness in your life. Your time is a currency. Invest it interacting with decent people not human garbage.

  5. Manuwat Reply

    What is the price of dentist there? Cuz i need to pull my teeth and i want it to be done in 1 month unlike here where i need to wait for half a year to get appointment in public sector.

  6. Travelling Trader Reply

    Great content,where south are you from? I love the southern accent lol,im in uk by the way 🙏

  7. sassed1 2many Reply

    This reminds me of raising my daughter's. Almost every vacation day was earmarked for doctors, dentists and home improvement projects

  8. Larry Craft Reply

    What's the update on Richard? We don't see none of his videos or anything about him anymore

  9. Joe McGovern Reply

    I hope you have a speedy recovery mate.

    Hope to see a vid or two from outside of Pattaya soon.

  10. X Marks Reply

    I got my _ _ _ _ pulled in Pattaya. ( I didn't take painkillers either; I went raw. )

  11. C P Reply

    How much for the implants per tooth