I literally found TEETH in my chinese takeout (not clickbait)

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36 Replies

  1. Brooke Beltran Reply

    Hi Gabi my love. I just moved here in the US. i've been a fancy baby since I was in the Philippines. I hope you can give me bellahair clip in extension. I really wanna have one but I can't afford it yet since I just moved here. Huhuhu. I hope you will grant my wish. I really wanna use it on thanksgiving. Plus I know you have a good heart. 💟💟💟 i hope you will reply as well. Love lots 💟 I sent you a message in instagram. 🙂 my instagram is @ilovebrookebeltran

  2. ŁŸŃ Reply


  3. Kingzy 53 Reply

    Omg I’m at the part where she orders takeout…GIRL YOU BOUT’ TO REGRET THAT

  4. Melissa Wilson Reply

    When I was younger there was mold in the old house and got really sick

  5. Arlety Rosa Reply

    Who else is looking threw the comments trying to find someone saying 7:50 is where it all starts.

  6. m and m Reply

    Why did she touch the teeth

  7. Dorian Kyles Reply

    i would sue that place if i found TEETH in my food like that's disgusting and now i want to throw up cuz if that was in my mouth omg i would get soap and water to clean my mouth then sue that place cuz that's freaking gross

  8. Song Kick Reply

    F hushed nunc w8 ywc y8wcnwc8w c8m82nc82

  9. Maurissa Square Reply

    I got sick with it because of the shampoo they use on the rugs

  10. Gacha Pandazz Reply

    Not click bait cuz Gabi would not make an gross video

  11. KayleighNicole Reply

    Omg at 10:05 when she said “ guilty as charged” I swear gabi sounded like niki who thought it was niki just me ok 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. KayleighNicole Reply

    Tbh gabi looks so pretty without makeup and with she is just gorgeous 💗🤤

  13. Dong Candy Reply

    On no I hope you are okay and not sick of the teeth

  14. AbbyWorld Reply

    You are GORGEOUS and makeup on point💄💄💄💄💄💄💄

  15. Jojo Pearson Reply

    I was reacting to mould with my lungs however I do have asthma which didn’t help 💞


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you do your makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Kitty Cat Reply

    You look so cute with your hair in a bow

  18. Saniya Morton Reply

    My big bro had the same thing happen to him. It's mold.

  19. Izzy Arts Reply

    At first I thought it said fabmas intead of gabmas