Ice Age 3 (YD Style) Part 13: An Eye for a Tooth (Remake)

Here’s it and enjoy while you can!

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  1. Karen Lopez Reply

    Me: (Listens to Yugi's story) Wow, I could listen to his stories all day

  2. Ashley Martinson Reply

    Umm Yugi? You done playing?
    " sadly yes. But i lived"!
    Yugi vs venom
    Yugi won but lost an eye.
    Yugi. Yeah.. no one eye jokes please?
    Awesome video. 💚💕💟💜

  3. Daequan Burns Reply

    That story was about venom isn't it

    Mario: yeah he's dangerous

    Yoshi: and scary too

    Pichu: Shake in fear

  4. Gabo the Bull Reply

    Never thought, Yugi have ever encounter one strong, ferocious, and deadly super villain (Venom), but I’m glad Yugi survived back then.