Idris Elba's SNL Video Diary

Idris Elba takes fans behind the scenes during his week at Saturday Night Live.

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49 Replies

  1. greenspan11111 Reply

    I lost all my respect to Idris Alba after this week's SNL, i thought he was a sophisticated, intellectual man and all i saw was an exact opposite, dumb douche-bag who says that he sold drugs early in his carrier!..

  2. Michael Kenyon Reply

    get him on peaky blinders. a 1920s stringer bell, hes the one who supplies arthurt all the blow and the ladies the morphine

  3. Rajas A Reply

    Everyone Know Idris Elba but not for being Heimdall but Charles Miner

  4. THAT'S ME BITCH Reply


    My mom: He doesn't know you exist


  5. Shawn Reply

    Private barber? He never has any hair growth???

  6. LargeNardge Reply

    You know Idris is a real one cause he brought his barber with him.

  7. Nysi Tay Reply

    Boo is good beautiful sweet lively daughter

  8. a2mark57 Reply

    Ummmm… Yeah. I totally admire this guy and respect his integrity, but… This was so disappointingly manufactured, "product." Wanted more from him.

  9. Cheetos Ortiz Reply

    Guess Justin Timberlake took away sexy away after bringing it back bc Idris is here and all I see is all kind of sexiness. Maybe sexy never left. It is there to be discovered by Idris, like discovering a new planet. It is always there, just not known by people. So yeah, sexy

  10. sonablom Reply

    Thumbs up for Marsha. Let’s get her in a skit

  11. KLM Hooked Moore Reply

    I wonder if he knows the affect that he has on women? And that accent!😍

  12. Tonya Tonya Reply

    Idris Elba is so damn SEXY omg and his voice he can have this cookie any time😆😆😆😆

  13. dasaniis Reply

    Oh no, he's not that funny is he :l

  14. Brooke Z Reply

    That voice…. Ohhhhh myyyyyy ( George taki voice) sp?

  15. Brenyatta Reply

    The previous host to do a Video Diary was Jason Momoa. Neat!

  16. melvina628 Reply

    02:34 Wow, SNL, you have moved forward with the times. Good for you.

  17. Joanna B. Reply

    Omg! Let me go to Hulu or is it this wknd?! Idris!!! 💖💖💖

  18. JuxDeLux Reply

    I don’t watch naan Saturday day live videos. Until today. He looks like he smells sooooo good.

  19. Desert Bloomz Reply

    OOOohh damn these sexxy ACCENTS…. he said his Daugh-Ah i love it….america so dry hahahah

  20. Nadia N Reply

    This man’s accent makes him hotter than what he is

  21. M D Reply

    Idris Elba is awesome

  22. Casual WEEB Reply

    James Bond is going to do a great job, tonight

  23. UAM Movies Reply