Infected Wisdom Tooth and Pericoronitis

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We discuss home remedies to relieve symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth infection or pericoronitis. Wisdom teeth removal or wisdom teeth extraction is usually the best long-term solution, but EO Water or Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water can be used in the short-term to minimize pain and reduce infection.

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28 Replies

  1. Kevin Tiernan Reply

    Someone please help me! Can pericoronitis cause swelling on your tonsils

  2. Robin Lundqvist Reply

    he-hey I'm 14 with a mad wisdom tooth infection 👍 the bump over my wisdom tooth is huuge. bigger than the tooth itself lol

  3. denice_001 Reply

    Ughhh.. i have to get it done next month but have to drive 2 hours out of Town😕

  4. Applehead Lover Reply

    Does everyone need to remove wisdom teeth? I checked mine and its fine and no pain… All aligned properly no gum surrounding

  5. michelle pelletier Reply

    Awesome e-book… feel like I learned a LOT. The only thing I wish I would have learned more about is EO water and where/how to have it to use. At any rate thank you for all of the useful info… it will definitely change how I take care of my teeth and I'm thinking I will teach my children about it as well. Also is activated charcoal as a toothpaste abrasive?

  6. Derek Davis Reply

    I have it right now i got clindamycin i do not like antibiotics, but im in alot of pain and real sick.

  7. Lee be doing Covers Reply

    mines hurt like a bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. Worth a Share Reply

    the dentist said they gonna cut off the gum flap and I will be ok. I havnt been able to speak properly because of the swollen gum. Hurt's so much and I have small bumps on my tongue where the wisdom teeth is coming up

  9. Glenda Masiala Reply

    My dentist does nothing about my pain. How long does it take for the wisdom tooth to come throw? I have been having this pain for years but it only comes every few months

  10. X Reply

    I have this at the moment and to help some others, get a small cup fill it with 3/4 cup warm water and add salt until the salt doesn't dissolve anymore. Gargle half of the solution on the side your pain is in for 1 min. It will feel weird and super salty but try to gargle for the whole minute. Spit out and rinse with warm water. Take your toothbrush and rinse it, dunk your toothbrush into the left over solution and mix it around 5-10sec then brush the gum or area that hurts. Really brush the inflamed gum and even the wisdom tooth if its partially out. Brush the surrounding area that's red and also inflammed. Rinse toothbrush and repeat 2-4 times. When done brushing rinse your mouth with warm water, then gargle again the last of the saltwater solution. Rinse out then take a ibuprofen or Tylenol and relax. The swelling will go down drastically and the pain will go away. It hurt to brush my gum and tooth, it even bled but it's worth the outcome. I have no pain now and the swelling is gone. I hope it works for you. The brushing is key, Don't be afraid to really brush the area and get the bristles under the gum of the partial wisdom tooth. it will hurt but will start fading away.

  11. Daniel Vasquez Reply

    good video great teacher makes me want to be a dentist

  12. Glowstone Gamer Reply

    I'm on day three of recovery and I'm 12. No joke. This is not that bad, but I can barely open up my mouth.

  13. SomeOfThoseThatWorkForces Reply

    Just got my impacted wisdom and 2nd molars taken out. Everything is swelling up now. Am so damn scared of dry socket. Ouch!

  14. itsddashrock Reply

    currently in hell week and after recovering from a cold no doubt. great post!

  15. Daryn Johnson Reply

    ny wisdom tooth got infected and i never even needed to have them removed, it judt happens.

  16. JustJennaxx Reply

    I'm 14 and one of my wisdom teeth (on the bottom right side of my mouth) is causing problems for me.. The gums are swollen terribly, even overlapping my second molar a tiny bit, and they hurt really bad whenever I chew. On top of that, I have to wear a retainer on my top AND bottom teeth, so the retainers dig into my gums, but I can't do much about that since I HAVE to wear them. Plus, I'm sick and I may have thrush. I'm going to get it checked, but for now thank you for the education! I've been trying to figure out what's 'wrong' with me and I'm sure this has something to do with my wisdom tooth. – Jenna

  17. Gray-Shawn Teebles Reply

    Finally, this video explains why the needle crunching, acidic burning sensation has been flowing through back gums as I eat.

  18. Buttered Lumps Reply

    I'm going through that right now and i cant fully close my mouth… My lips close fine but i cant fit my teeth together.

  19. Joe Fabio Reply

    thanks for this. When i woke up to my mouth exploding, this helped calm me down and gave me some direction on what to do. cheers man.