Is Fluoride Dangerous? Natural Dentist Shocking Answer Is Fluoride Dangerous in your water. Is Fluoride Dangerous in your toothpaste ? Dr Layton is a Holistic Dentist In Encinitas Ca. In this video he talks about the dangers of Fluoride in your toothpaste and in your water. Layton Dental is also known as a Natural Dentist and practices Metal Free Dentistry and is an expert in safe Mercury Removal. Dr Layton has videos demonstrating this procedure on his website. Layton Dental 285 N. El Camino Real, Suite 102, Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 753-7700.

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  1. G Howard Reply

    I was told to use gel kam on my teeth bc my mouth was radiated for cancer and I now have very Little saliva. When I eat, I must drink fluids to swallow. The lack of saliva is destroying my teeth. I just had three (new) cavities filled and I have three more being filled next month. I started brush on Fluoride twice a day. Advice appreciated.

  2. oyunadawa lokiyisangkim Reply

    maybe not living in the states so long was my saving grace and them not letting me in and to stay long is my saving grace. WOW i could of been dead by now. thanks to my family members who understand something did something with the water filter for the showers restroom everything. even with little no education regular people understand smething is not rite and to do something about it.

  3. Cole Breda Reply

    Well I heard and remember somebody (a little kid ) that ate an entire tube of tooth paste and he is still alive today sooooo

  4. Heidi Repp Reply

    What about flouride treatment on teeth?

  5. Jessica Moritz Reply

    Thank you so much for this information. My child's dentist was very adamant of using florid in toothpaste, especially for children. He quoted some studies made in Sweden where since water is floridized, apparently tooth decay went down 40% 😜 because of it.

  6. hilmi novalino Reply

    so whats the solution?
    how we clean our mouth/ teeth?
    or there is something else that could replace toothpaste ?

  7. Kitten2Cat Reply

    Fluoride occurs naturally within nature in fresh water, one would think it wouldn't be in high amounts though

  8. Ash Reply

    1000ppm isn’t dangerous. And as a parent, you should help your child brush their teeth and teach them the proper way.

  9. greveeen Reply

    So what should we use? At least give us a good alternative product that you can vouch for

  10. The Grotesque Reply

    so Doc, what do u recommend ? should we stop using toothpaste ? fluoride is also present on the water that i drink from the well, the fish that i eat has fluoride in it. what should we do then to avoid this poisonous element ?

  11. Chuchai Tangsompon Reply

    Hi Dr. Layton, thanks for your info. One question, why FLUORIDE, known to be BAD GUY, is allowed to be put on toothpaste, tap water, milk especially school milk, commercial foods, etc? Can't they be stopped once and for all? Who really benefits from doing so? Do USFDA and FDAs of other countries care or discount for human life? Why no one do something about these very issues?

  12. Mert Reply

    Such gullible fools

  13. Orey Pohorilets Reply

    If you belive that fluoride is safe then obviously the fluoride is working. It calcifies the pineal gland.

  14. Ty H Reply

    … until her awkward technique caused me to swallow the flouridated polish. She asked if I liked eating it . Made me so mad.
    Later my left hand experienced an involuntary twitch and I didn't feel good for a few days.
    If I had little children No flouride would be in the house. It's not in my house , not ever again.

  15. Ty H Reply

    I went to the dentist recently and the hygienist , a new girl, used flouride in the polish . She asked me nothing of it and I forgot to question it . Until her aw

  16. mastercng Reply

    It's funny that the people who think fluoride will drop your iq already seem to be stupid af.

  17. Taha 80 Reply

    Hello dr my son almost 3 yr old has 8cavity and his doctor added some kind of fluoride to the teeth and now he said to come back to add fluoride vitamin on teeth what should I do should I go for it or no. That's the only solution besides filling procedure

  18. Chet Smith Reply

    You don't have to swallow fluoride toothpaste to be poisoned. When you brush you are absorbing that crap sublingually