Jenny Slate’s Pot Smoking Led Her to Hot Dentist

Jenny talks about working with Henry Winkler, pulling back on smoking weed, the pot-related incident that led her to fall in love with her dentist and her new movie Venom.

Jimmy Kimmel on Kavanaugh Hearing

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Jenny Slate’s Pot Smoking Led Her to Hot Dentist

48 Replies

  1. Zan Reply

    Why is this not trending? Lol people needs it

  2. 9enius Reply

    That face screams, 'i've sucked more dicks than i can count'

  3. Breno Bacci Reply

    Smoking weed, sleeping late, eating garbage, bad teeth, weird around hot people. She's just like us.

  4. Candy Corn Reply

    This is the only kimmel interview i’ll ever watch. Jenny is hilarious and i love her.

  5. Teddy Mark Reply

    How did Cap let her get away?! … Jenny is awesome.

  6. A V Reply

    She would make an amazing female peewee Herman. Penelope Herman…

  7. Sara Reply

    this woman is sooo funny & really sympathetic😂😍😍

  8. BloxyGigi Reply

    anyone knows her a missy? big mouth fandom wya lol

  9. Daynelly Herrera Reply

    How do people not know who she is ??? She only VOICED the MOST ICONIC CARTOONS but rn she’s getting known for playing missy in Big mouth.

  10. John Jordan Reply

    She's almost exactly like her "Pretty Liz" character lol

  11. Joseph Burgis Reply

    I feel like that if a man told this same story in the current political climate the objectification of a female dentist people would lose their minds.

  12. Benny Enfinger Reply

    I just realized that she's the voice of Tammy on Bob's Burgers.

  13. E S Reply

    I love her so much

  14. Jay R Reply

    That thumbnail picture is not doing her any favors! Change it! Lol

  15. Jaxon Scott Reply

    I never realized how much she looks like Lucas Cruikshank

  16. Trenton L Reply

    She's the funniest person ever hahahahaha

  17. Joshima M Reply

    /R/this totally happened. Its obviously some bullshit story she made up to make chris evans jealous

  18. Zack Miramontez Reply

    3:10 was really hoping she was going to make a joke like "and all of the sudden this dentist appointment turned into a gynaecologist appoint and I just spread my legs"

  19. iconsistence Reply

    wow I relate to her on a serious level lol im so glad i watched this & can check out her art work now..

  20. HighOnAmmo Reply

    Her, Nikki Glaser…umm Sam Bee…a lot of other women who act or do comedy…not sure what it is but it's probably feigned vulnerabilities while being super confident in their own abilities that makes it hilarious. Genuinely love this chick even though I don't know her work. Shallow- I know.

  21. Jason Patterson Reply

    This was funny, but at the same time, imagine if it had been a hot female dentist with a male patient who was ragingly horny for her.

  22. MarcusIsI Reply

    Bro is it me or is she smoking hot in a weird way.