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  1. i rexzilla Reply

    i kinda feel this should be the stand toghter in disney's dinosaur

  2. Sebastian Emond Reply

    5:00 When Kong beats his chest after beating the T-Rex to death, it's like he was saying, "Who's the king now, bitch? I'm the king! King Kong!"

  3. Dean TheDino Reply

    I remember watching this as a kid and it felt so badass. The music was so good and you can just do that when your fighting with someone

  4. Toxic_Gas_ Reply

    This song shouldn t be in king Kong vs Godzilla 1962 and Kong skull island fighting with skull crawlers

  5. Frank Lesher Reply

    By listening this track, i can already imagine the adventure tone that James Newton Howard is going to put to the upcoming sequel of "Jumanji"

  6. Mike K Reply

    Don't recommend doing a drinking game to the time signature changes at all

  7. Chrono Marine Reply

    This song,would perfectly fit for Kong vs Skull Crawlers.