Laser Dental Cleaning

Dental Hygiene using lasers and other biologically friendly techniques, increasing patient comfort and eliminating the old “cutting and scraping” that is not only painful, but may infect vital parts of the oral immune system.

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  1. debib0298 Reply

    How to find a dental office that does this in my area??

  2. djtripleddd Reply

    i need deep cleaning so is laser the way 2 go

  3. ACoustaDC Reply

    My cousin is a dentist in Peru. He has that ultrasonic scaler. that thing is bad ass… Ask your dentist if they have, absolutely pain free cleaning.

  4. Tom Tolar Reply

    I found the comment about what is used in the Prophy-Jet for the powder interesting. I've never heard a claim that it contained sea salt, is this being added to the sodium bicarbonate? What is the solution are you irrigating with? What settings are you using with the laser for your Serilase procedure: watts/ continuous/ pulsed settings. I'm using a biolase diode laser.