Learn English Conversation: Dentist’s office

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Learn English Conversation: Dentist’s office
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6 Replies

  1. GoodbyePanama Reply

    Very difficult – with the one voice – to tell who is speaking to whom, I wasn't aware that these were two dental patients talking in the waiting room – the questions sounded like questions the dentist typically asks. Also, the text doesn't match what's being spoken, and the use of punctuation (esp. commas) would help to illustrate when there are pauses in the speaking passages.

  2. thank you for your effort, but the teaching method very traditional, no interaction, cooperative learning and Illustrations. I hope to change your methodology.
    PhD in comparative education

  3. Janet ren Reply

    Thank you! Very useful. I have a toothache now.

  4. X3MCTZN Reply

    I should include this in my teaching to my detist student 😛