Lego Dentist

Afraid of the dentist? No need! See how Lisa came through it!

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    Why didnt u show us how did he fixed her teeth who agrees with me like

  2. Cristina Lane Reply

    Eu adoro coisas em lego e fofo demais , também gosto de lego Ninjago e muito legal sou fã de Ninjago ,lego lego lego 🤗🤗🤗

  3. LuaScript Reply

    It’s cool how you can read it in your mind with out words

  4. cat lover Reply

    Hi! Im a new subscriber! Like you're vids! =)

  5. SoccerBob Reply

    Great vid, and where do u download your sound track sorry i keep asking questions

  6. SoccerBob Reply

    Its me again sorry but can u make a vid showing how you use hitfilm 4 express because the other vids aren't showing it well

  7. SoccerBob Reply

    Sorry last question what do u use to edit your vids

  8. Frutz LovesLegos Reply

    Nice! I like the details and story. Lisa has a nice smile. Frutz wuz here.

  9. NandJe Reply

    Leuke video je word steeds beter