Let’s Play Corpse Party (PC) Part 29 – Tooth

It’s time for the final, and longest, extra chapter in this version of corpse party!
It is a chapter simply called, “Tooth”.
But what does that title have to do with this chapter? Well the next part will reveal the answer to that!
But sticking to how this chapter starts in this part: We see Kizami’s classmates/schoolmates at their school on the day they all performed the Sachiko ever after charm. (We don’t get to see them do the charm itself, though.)
After that, the scene switches to the protagonist of this chapter, Tohko, as she is feeling ill in the 2nd floor toilets of heavenly host elementary.
With one of her friends by her side, the two, Tohko and Emi, leave the room to rejoin the rest of their friends that found each other in this place.
One of said friends appears to have suffered an injury and is left incapacitated.
With the injured (Ryosuke) being unable to get up, the group argue about what they should do.
Eventually deciding that some of the group should go search for an exit, while the remaining members of the group should stay with the injured Ryosuke, the two groups are formed.
The search team (AKA, the group that we get to control.) consists of: Tohko Kirisaki, Yuuya Kizami and Kai Shimada.
The rest of them, Emi Urabe and Tomohiro Ohkawa, stay to look after Ryosuke. (Note how three of their classmates/schoolmates didn’t end up in the same area with them.)
As Tohko, Kizami and Shimada search for an exit, they find a key to the inf- I mean, a key to an unknown location!
Shimada keeps the key to himself and throws it into the air a lot to show off his catching skills. (He eventually loses the key by doing this!)
After some exploring, they eventually find the entrance to the school.
Relieved to have found an exit, the scene takes an odd turn when Shimada shows his selfish side by saying that he plans on leaving right now without the others, who are still waiting for their return.
Disgusted by this, Tohko heads back out into the main hall with the intent of helping the others.
With Kizami and Shimada alone, Shimada shows off his knife to Kizami, to which Kizami comments that he is an amusing fellow.
Overall, nothing else happens here and Kizami exits back into the hall with Tohko.
But what will happen next? Find out in the next part!