LOST TOOTH!!! Mom Pulls Out Tooth + The Tooth Fairy Brings Money and Toys

Lose tooth gets pulled out by mom. Ava’s been wiggling her lose tooth and now it’s time to get it out. Sandra wiggles it a little and it falls out. We get ready for the tooth fairy to come. Ava is finds a dollar and a Shopkins lego block set under her pillow. We also have a sleepover because Dad and Alex are on a camping trip.

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This video features the Shopkins Lego playset

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31 Replies

  1. Emily Hills Reply

    I've lost 4 teeth because I am the best hahaha and PJ masks is so for babies like you the girl who had the second tooth out

  2. Rainbow Gardens Reply

    Hi Sandra love your channel!!!! Could you please do more Barbie doll stories!! I miss them!!

  3. Cody Lee Reply

    Avis tooth on a pillow under her pillow and put on it back in the bag

  4. Anthony Lynch Reply

    I have a loose tooth and I got five one dollar bills one time

  5. Sheryl Mellors Reply

    I have lost 12 teeth I bet nobody has lost more teeth than me and soon I would of lost 14 teeth because 2 of them are very wobbly

  6. Harmit Singh Reply

    I got my tooth fallan out this Wednesday and this Friday and on both of them to days I got 3 pound.*

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