Michael’s Happy Tooth Brushing Routine

Michael loves to brush his teeth. In this video we show some of the tricks we used to make sure he always enjoys brushing. For example, we let him use different types of tooth brushes. This keeps it fun and he feels like he is making choices for himself. If you have any tips or tricks, be sure to share them in the comments for other parents to see! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to give us a THUMBS UP!
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Family Fun Pack consists of Alyssa (Age 9), David (Age 7), Zac & Chris (Age 5),and their baby brother Michael (Age 2)- all born within 39 months of each other.! Our motto is “Fun with the family, every day”– and we really stick to this!!

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  1. Tigers Revenge Reply

    I just know that mickael call Allasa ya ya and David dd

  2. Gjh U Reply

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  3. mama cow Reply

    Good morning beautiful boy ☺😗
    Now that is nice.

  4. zac imad Reply

    He is so cute when he said bye I subscribe to all of there YouTube channels

  5. Maria Castanos Reply

    Michel is so adorable.He should get an award for being the best baby in toothbrushing.My little brother is smaller than him and he does not know how to brush by himself or turn on the key or turn on the little button on the toothbrush.He laughs so cute.I love you.Bye Bye.

  6. Kameryn Carpenter Reply

    Michael brings calmness and love to my heart and brightness to my day he is so cute and loving Kristina and Matt you obviously totally raising all your beutiful and handsome kids right my favorite part is when Micael flys to his bed here's a question for all your kids what's their favorite thing about doing YouTube.

  7. Kim Hanlon Reply

    I love how he went to rinse out his mouth

  8. electric circuit Reply

    Does he good at brushing his teeth🚾🚰🛐✔❇🆓️🆒️🇱🇷

  9. savage productions Reply


  10. Kerry Jones Reply

    How many kids like a snake in your family fun park