Monty Python Secret Service Dentists+Wizzo

This is part tres of my series of the best sketches from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I do not own any part of MPFC I’m just a huge fan =)!!! This I think is my favorite with the Secret Service Dentist Sketch.

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  1. mark gates Reply

    Those hands at 2.30 so funny, monty pythons like one long shroom trip lol

  2. Gary McAleer Reply

    Only the Brits have the wits to show tits in their bits.

  3. Kenneth Crist Reply

    I know other skits are more loved, and more famous, but this was and is my favorite skit.

  4. mrtyles Reply

    (machine gun guy) there's nothing going on

  5. Micah West Reply

    This has a better action plot than most professional movies these days

  6. Cody Aaron Reply

    He is holding it right, the blast shield is on wrong

  7. Andrew Lankford Reply

    To fully appreciate 40+yo British comedy, you have to know the origin of catch-phrases such as "Gone! …and never called me mother!"

  8. Sam I am Reply

    -Who was that!?
    -My aunt..

    I died 😂

  9. PsychoLucario Reply

    gotta love the guy that brings the Bazooka to the gun fight.

  10. frank tomasic Reply

    none of my dental assistants ever looked like Carol Cleveland…she was hot as all get out…

  11. PleiadianDreams Reply

    Vercingetorix drop the gun, put your hands where I can see them and PUKE. Wo hast du die Kokain gestekht, in deine Nase? Deine Mutter hat einen Fehler gemacht, it happens :LSD

  12. PleiadianDreams Reply

    I'm tougher than you are, Monthy Ptyhon is a sign of absolute neglect.

  13. Rijkaard Reply

    "I can't believe it's not a dead crab!"

  14. mickmoart Reply

    56 Gumby-types who downvoted this video can't tell the difference between Whizzo Butter and a Dead Crab!! 😉

  15. Ben Glaser Reply

    I'm glad you could all come to my little party. And flopsy's glad too.

  16. Gilmaris Reply

    I can't believe it's not dead crab.

  17. master key Reply

    Fresh fruit part make me crack hard up

  18. punk polo Reply

    the best thing ever happened to england is monthy python

  19. Pinkpants202 Reply

    I can make an informative video on self defense against someone armed with a piece of fresh fruit.

  20. Pinkpants202 Reply

    It's a bazooka, with a shield and a sight hole in the shield. AH! It's a panzerschreck.