My First Failure In Dental School || Brittany Goes to Dental School

Hi everyone! This video is not clickbait… Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan but what matters most is how we learn from our mistakes! Remember to never give up no matter what happens and always keep moving forward!

NOTE: My class has 100 people in it. So, 5% of 100 is 5 people. So when my professor said 5% of the class failed that’s why I thought that there were 5 people that failed.


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35 Replies

  1. Brittany Watu Reply

    My class has about 100 people in it. So, 5% of 100 is 5 people. So when my professor said 5% of the class failed that's why I thought that there were 5 people that failed.

  2. JackEffenBauer Reply

    I just failed perio today, ugh. Thanks for your inspirational words.

  3. Natti L Reply

    Britt! I can’t find your how to memorize lots of things video strategy! 😞

  4. Username Reply


  5. Maria P. Reply

    I'm on my 2nd year of dental school. It's starting to get quite hard, expecially tooth preparations. Today was not my day. I was so stressed and I cried when I got home. I felt that I wasn't good enough, but no one are born to be a dentist. No one is perfect. I have learned from my mistakes. In the end I will make it. I will do better tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your story!
    “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

  6. James Reply

    Class III’s are tough on plastic teeth anything can happen! At least that’s my class’ experience. What’s your next practical on??

  7. sabstache Reply

    I'm in a similar position (dealing with my first failure in dent school) and feeling stressed out about it. However, at the end of the day it's important to focus on turning failure into a learning experience, and be more forgiving of yourself. Thank you so much for making this video; I really appreciate your positive outlook on a topic that really isn't talked about much! 💕

  8. David D. Reply

    I’m def interested in a memorization technique video!

  9. Catherine Terraina Reply

    "The point of school is to practice, to learn from your mistakes, and I hope you guys really get something out of it." Thank you so much Brittany. You just showed me a new way of seeing what school is for, and I really needed that. ❤

  10. KHgoalkeeper21 Reply

    this is an amazing video. i'm watching a ton of videos before i start dental school and thanks for calming me down! subsribed

  11. Tuan Le Reply

    yeah, i took it really hard at first but it'll be okay.

  12. Joel Garza Reply

    Love how you tell your experiences in dental school I started dental assisting school and finished. I'm now a CDA/Certified dental assistant/RDA Registered dental assistant and I just got into dentistry so much I want to go all the way to a dentist.

  13. Vanessa Li Reply

    I totally feel you because apparently I failed my anterior crown preparation a few months back and I was pretty disappointed because there's only 10+ people failed out of 70. Even though I have predicted it because I knew that I didn't manage my time properly and ended up not finishing nicely but I knew that was my mistake and I knew I can do better ( gonna retake next week). I mean even sometimes when my dentures are not perfectly fabricated I was again disappointed but at least I know I can learn from my mistakes and that's we are here to learn in dental school. Good luck to you

  14. Sung Woo Cho Reply

    I wish I made videos while I was in dental school. I only took pictures of my work. This is so cute!
    btw don't worry about failing. You can only learn more during remediation. When you see patients, you will make more mistakes not only during procedures but also when handling patients. Don't take anything personally and keep in mind that you can make mistakes! Stay positive and transparent as you are right now.

  15. joleencuisine Reply

    Definitely needed to hear this…love your videos, Brittany!! Best of luck in dental school 🙂

  16. Otocinclus Catfish Reply

    Congrats on passing remediation! I saw you made the dean's list your first 3 quarters – you've got this! Do LLU students not get summer off after D1?

  17. Aly and Art Reply

    Who are these people in the comments questioning your math skills? 🙄 I immediately understood that there were 100 people when you mentioned the 5%/5 students failed bit. You're pretty intelligent. You obviously know how to accurately calculate and interpret percentages. Loved your thoughts on failure!

  18. alya shamsi Reply

    5% is 20 PEOPLE!!! your professor is right..sigh

  19. Wendy Barrionuevo Reply

    I personally appreciate your honest, down to earth videos. I've heard some dental admissions officers say, that successful aspiring dentist aren't necessarily straight A students, but those that go through a couple hoops and loops. It makes total sense, cuz you knew it was not such a big deal, and you found the means you needed to finish the task. Well done!!! 👍

  20. Shanel S TV Reply

    I wish love and great luck for you and school

  21. Miriam Kromah Reply

    Awwww. You'll do fine. Good luck. Wish you the best. Keep these videos up it really helps a lot of us because school isn't easy at all.

  22. Stephanie03101 Reply

    I like your positive attitude towards things, nobody is perfect, continue like this. Sincerely your fan from venezuela <3<3

  23. Nasim F Reply

    Thank you for these types of videos! This helped me a lot and gave me so much motivation… even though I'm just a predental student. You're so sweet and honest about your journey, someone that is this humble is so rare to find. ❤

  24. Mariposa Reply

    Um 5% doesn't mean 5 people only :p thank you for your honesty since everyone's fake nowadays ,love you

  25. Jayniz Mendez Reply

    I'm starting dental school in less than a week! Love your videos!