Natural Tooth Care To Clean And Whiten Your Teeth And Heal Cavities

So I’m in my bathroom today answer some questions about tooth care. I get lot of questions on this topic such as, “Tyler can we remineralise our teeth? How can we prevent our teeth from going bad?”

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17 Replies

  1. Misayfication Oz Reply

    @Tyler Tolman, could you compile a list of the ingredients you use and the amounts in textform, would really. Thank you very much and thank you for your amazing content 😊👌🙏

  2. Anthony Hatton Reply

    Such an awesome video. I have a few tiny cavities which bother me. The activated charcoal I am very excited about, can you please tell me the brand to use I would be so very thankful!

  3. Lorna Graham Reply

    Hi… you say you oil pull and floss. Isn’t oil pulling a healthier form of flossing? Or that was what I was informed. It’s very difficult to find a non-fluoride floss.
    Can you please advise which charcoal you use and what floss you use? Thanks.

  4. FlourishingLight Reply

    What is the brand of activated charcoal? Thank you! (Great video!) I feel inspired!

  5. Greg Roman Reply

    Can you
    Make yellow teeth white naturally???

  6. Amela Alic Reply

    I have spent months researching doing colon cleansing naturally and discovered a fantastic website at Dajons Health Plan (look it up on google)

  7. Michael Eagle Reply

    Tyler, absolutely love watch yours and your Dad's video, I'm currently switching to plant food, I'm turning 52 Dec 23 I'm 6-1 about 195 my goal weight is about 180, I currently have Diabetes type 2 according to VA, I'm also afflicted with some Neuropathy in my feet, but there is this strong belief that my body will heal that by going plant, is this true , am I crazy for thinking this way, the other thing is will the fruit harm my diabetes, some one told me don't worry about, that plants will get me healthy, your Dad said in a webinar that the body will itself, that disease is actually our friend that tells us to make changes so that's what I'm do can my nerves heal also.. thank you I have subscribed, any suggestions on greens I'm doing green smoothies and drinking water only as a protocol, no solid food at this point and I'm walking 2 miles a day and getting my sun..

  8. Warren Day Reply

    Fantastic detailed info and demonstration. Many thanks.

  9. Peaceful Vibez Reply

    Hi Tyler, do you suggest to just brush with activated charcoal instead of toothpaste?

  10. Jeanie Hammond Reply

    Great info, being a dental assistant for 30 years I learned some new applications! Now, about your cracked tooth…..

  11. Andrius Viesulas Reply

    Good information. But you have to improve your video quality! +Tyler Tolman