ONE TOOTH OUT! 😭😷 Our Braces Journey [51/100] #100DAYSWITHSOJU

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Hey guys,

So, today is the day! Finally Jo got her tooth extracted. The process was okay until the numbing injection dies down 😭 Thank God our dentist said it’s the only tooth that needed to be extracted 😷 Anyways, we hope you enjoy us bringing you guys along on our braces journey & see you guys tomorrow! 💕


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29 Replies

  1. Carlyne Jean Jacques Reply

    Hey SoJu Twins💞Aww so sweet! Sue-Ann being the Mama Bear 🐻 to her baby Bear 🧸 bc of her tooth. I hope you heal well Jo-Ann💞

  2. Josh UA Reply

    It’s too cute! Putting ice inside the porridge HAHAHA😂 I been thinking quite long time to do my braces cox my friend keep encourage me to do it, but my mom was like keep saying my teeth is nice, don’t need to waste money to do it😩

  3. Shirley Reply

    You both so cute. Why not just eat ice cream first hehe 😉

  4. CTZJ Reply

    Pls do share more video about ur braces experience !! It really helps alot to ppl like me~ hehe .😊👍

  5. Akira Kairi Reply

    Family Mart rendang onigiri is soooo goooddd. As well as the karaage flavor

  6. Wakakaka Bistro Reply

    Hi! I'm curious about the tangerine bar you just chop into two. May I know what's that?

  7. Sereen Chua Reply

    I love u guys vlog because it was so relax to watch ❤️

  8. Daniel Lee Reply

    This is why I haven’t do teeth bracing till now 😅

  9. herbs Reply

    You guys went to Paradigm just to play at the arcade? And wait there’s Family Mart at paradigm?

  10. Fion Lee Reply

    Mentally break down when I extract my teeth 😂 hope you’re okay today~~

  11. Cally Low Reply

    so sweet of Sue for adding the ice 🙂

  12. Sammy Teo Reply

    sue is so talented can think about the ice things

  13. Joey Hen Reply

    Putting ice in the porridge so cute!!😂

  14. Tan Patricia Reply

    So nice, Sue so concerned abt Jo Ann. Great Team! Hope Jo recovers fast from her tooth ache.