Open Dental Webinar- Chart Module I Main Window

This webinar covers the layout and use of the Chart module, including how to enter medical history, change dentition, chart existing and proposed treatment, and filter views of the patient progress notes.

– Overview of Chart module layout
– Graphical Tooth Chart and text box
– Chart module tabs (Explain each tab briefly)
– Chart module tool bar
– Progress Notes panel
– Patient Info pane
– Review and update general patient information
– Pink Section/Medical History
– Problems
– Allergies
– Pre-Med checkbox
– Med Urgent text box
– Service Notes
– Medications
– Medical Notes text box
– Tooth Chart tabs: Each tab will be discussed in detail.
– Primary
– Missing Teeth
– Movements
– Draw
– Enter Treatment
– Show – learn to filter
– Planned Appts

3 Replies

  1. Tae Park Reply

    Hello, when charting, mine doesnt change like how yours do, for example, I tried to make #21 primary. Nothing changes. All 32 teeth show with the round surface coloring mode only.

  2. jonathan deleon Reply

    This lady made a mistake when she said  she was going to do a sealant on tooth #11she actually placed an S on tooth # L,
    as well when she said she was going to do a bridge on the LR side ,when its actually UR side 2-4

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