Open Dental Webinar- Open Dental Basics Demo

Learn the basic features of Open Dental’s Practice Management Software.

In this video you will watch a sample patient be taken through a typical first visit.

Appointment Module (about 15 minutes)
Family Module (about 7 minutes, does not cover entering Insurance details)
Chart (about 7 minutes, light overview)
Treatment Plan (about 5 minutes)
Account Module (about 10 minutes)
Image Module (about 5 minutes)
Manage Module (about 5 minutes, light overview)

After this training, you should be able to:
-Select different Modules in Open Dental
-Know the main purpose of each module
-Know where to find Appointment Lists
-Select and Add New Patients
-Make, Break, Delete, and Set Complete Appointments
-Attach Procedures to appointment, remove procedures
-Edit Patient Information
-Add a new Insurance Plan and see where to enter Benefit Information
-Select an existing insurance plan for a new patient to avoid duplicating plans
-Understand very basic Charting
-Edit Procedure status
-Know that Default Procedure Notes, Quick Paste Notes, and Auto Notes exist
-Save and print Treatment Plans
-Find patient and family level balances in the Account module.
-Enter Patient Payments and Adjustments
-Print walk-out Statements

3 Replies

  1. Angela Kalb Reply

    How do you put the names of the providers at the top to help show the colors/columns ? My opendental only shows operatories.

  2. Sheryl Fisher Reply

    Maybe put time stamps into your description box info please open Dental?

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