Our Dogs After Dentist

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23 Replies

  1. Brigitte Taylor Reply

    I can't believe Peachy, she is a Diva. The Mariah of the bunch. Glad they are doing good.

  2. Jaden B Reply

    I think Kermit is an actually person trapped in a dogs body

  3. Kate Weibel Reply

    How do I find this entertaining??? I’m confusing

  4. Ashley cole msp Reply

    Wait a second high marbles has a soul…..YALL NEED TO KEEP HIM HIGH ALL THE TIME jk but why tf does he look so derpy and more happy high

  5. Maria M Reply

    That’s a selfish leg shake!

  6. bri_vi i Reply

    I’m like so tired right now I just started incoherently crying during this video

  7. Owen Hesketh Reply

    Getting your cermit high will help him grow.
    Just kidding he's full grown

  8. Melissa R Reply

    Love their 🐶 they are so well behaved 💗

  9. Oh K Reply

    how do ya make a dog poop outside and put him back in the bean bag with his poopy butt??