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  1. Sally Reply

    Nitrous for a dental cleaning? Come on Ozzy. Man up and just get them cleaned without the drugs!


    I love how the next time he came in he was asking for more baahahahahaha

  3. Posh Lady Surrey Reply

    How to have a laugh at the dentist πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  4. Deep Heat Reply

    He'd been looking forward to that for months! His ONE chance of getting high nowadays – the dentist. First thing he says on getting there – "Nitros?"

  5. Alysha Steed Reply

    It it's going to take alot of that gas to stone him out… No one Could out do the ozz man back a day.. The man was seriously hardcore… #fact

  6. K Butler Reply

    Ridiculous! He did not need all that! W/all the drugs/alcohol he consumed! Dangerous!

  7. c laird Reply

    I’m surprised the hole office isn’t high off of the speical ozzy level

  8. Stephen Tarabetz Reply

    Can't fill it cuz all the drugs he did f*** I don't think I would either

  9. Melanie Cravens Reply

    Next time I don't want to here a conversation. I'll just whistle. Thrue. It. Lol

  10. Melanie Cravens Reply

    This is funny he's. Had so much junk in his body it just doesn't affect him like other people. Lol.

  11. 12112 11111 Reply

    Fixing the teeth of a metal god. Must be an honor.

  12. Joseph Hickman Reply

    breathe easy? fuck that, pain sucks…!!! been married to Sharon since forever!!!!

  13. Issa Haw Reply

    I think my parents are gonna find something out about my tolerance if I get another trip to the dentist

  14. Top Rock Reply

    Ozzy is so amazing he can drink through his eye…..Rock n Rolllllllllllll

  15. Piper Pimienta Reply

    Ok Ozzy showing nowadays rapper how to wear gold at the dentist… u get ya teeth clean and the gold bling aight?…oh and gettin stupidly high!!

  16. Bob Votava Reply

    ozzy hasn't been that high since 1973 before this lmao

  17. G3garton Reply

    I knew right away that this was going to be interesting. Black Sabbath remains. My favorite band. Aw Yeah!

  18. Jaime B. Reply

    I am dental assistant and the N2O doesn't make you that out of it when they take you off of it. Either he was on a illegal drug at the time or was given a dental oral sedative like halcion. The assistant or hygienist was even turning the nitrous up that much they had to add the loud hissing for the show . However it's pretty funny and sad at the same time.