[Payday 2] Secret Ending – Kill the Dentist, Save Bain

Kill the Dentist, save the world . . . apparently. I couldn’t hear anything but the stupid wheelchair.

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44 Replies

  1. Gaweł Olawa Reply

    2:33 ughughugu that was so anti climatic
    Your fuckin friend was screaming the whole time when dentist was talking

  2. Seibitsu Reply

    2 years playing this game and had no idea it had a story. Does this "magic" stuff has something to do with that diamond in the diamond heist trailer?

  3. WiseEndro333 Reply

    Gotta love how we went from robbing banks to mind controlling the president.

  4. kent rio Reply

    Overkill took a page out of Treyarch’s book. Not bad.

  5. Jet Reply

    Thanks for the spoils 🙂

  6. Francesco Tosin Reply

    adding spoilers in freaking titles? geez man there's no need to do that! What if I wanted to find out by myself? now because I read your title I already know uwu

  7. Hans Schreutelkamp Reply

    Why you gotta spoil it in your title man? I was still working on this 🙁

  8. InwZa007xD Reply

    Wait that is not the dentist that elephant u know the black guy

  9. FUZE Reply

    When I played this the wheelchair nearly blew my ears out! I had to turn my volume up all the way up just to hear the dentist.

  10. Mank Demes Reply

    Can you pls not put spoilers in the title bud

  11. Nova Light Reply

    Can you release a version where your party's not talking? No offense, but it's hard enough to hear it already.

  12. cjcwalker1 Reply

    Which is the real ending? Does Bain live or die?

  13. Bread George Reply

    See, this is what happens when you don't brush your teeth and have to go to a dentist.

  14. Khally Reply

    Titles kinda spoilerish isn't it

  15. TumasGam3Z Reply

    Is this some custom heist or just got added to the game or something?

  16. shid neh Reply

    so the game end what next game you play may be tf2??