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Peppa Pig – A pig who is the main character. She enjoys jumping in muddy puddles, playing with her teddy bear who is called Teddy, going to playgroup, and dressing up. She lives with her little brother George and her parents.[2] She is voiced by Lily Snowden-Fine (series 1), Cecily Bloom (series 2), and Harley Bird (series 3-5). Peppa is four years old as shown in the episode My Birthday Party.
George Pig – He is Peppa’s little brother. He is in most episodes and often seen in possession of his toy dinosaur, which is named “Mr. Dinosaur.” He cries in many episodes with his trademark showers of tears and crying sound. Often when he cries it has to do with Peppa teasing him. George’s sounds are performed by Oliver and Alice May. George is two years old as shown in the episode George’s Birthday.
Mummy Pig – Mummy Pig is Peppa and George’s mother. She is voiced by Morwenna Banks. Mummy Pig does some work from home on a computer. She also worked as a firefighter in series 3.
Daddy Pig – Daddy Pig is Peppa and George’s father. He works as an architect, as shown in the episode The New House. He is voiced by Richard Ridings.
Grandpa Pig — Grandpa Pig is Mummy Pig’s father. He loves gardening and sailing. Although the two fight in a few episodes, he’s best friends with Granddad Dog. He has a trackless train named Gertrude. He is voiced by David Graham.
Granny Pig — Granny Pig is Mummy Pig’s mother. She is a fan of perfume. She grows apples in an orchard near her house along with vegetables in her own garden next to her house. She has four chickens, and she is voiced by Frances White.
Uncle Pig – Uncle Pig is Daddy Pig’s brother, and is Aunty Pig’s husband and Chloe and Baby Alexander’s father. He is voiced by John Sparkes who also narrates the series.
Auntie Pig – Auntie Pig is Uncle Pig’s wife and Chloe and Baby Alexander’s mother. She is voiced by Alison Snowden (series 1-2) and Judy Flynn (series 3-4).
Chloe Pig – Chloe Pig is Peppa and George’s cousin, she is also Baby Alexander’s sister. Her friends are Belinda Bear and Simon Squirrel, but they like to tease Peppa. She is 8 years old, and wears a yellow dress. She is voiced by Eloise May (series 1-2), Abigail Daniels (series 3-4) and Zara Siddiqi (series 4).
Baby Alexander Pig – Baby Alexander Pig is Chloe’s baby brother. His first word was puddle. He is voiced by Oliver May (series 2), Harley Bird (series 3) and Minnie Driver (series 4).
Auntie Dottie Pig — Auntie Dottie is Peppa and George’s great-aunt who sent “Horsey Twinkle Toes”. It is unknown what she looks like and does not have a voice actor since she is never shown.
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