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The concept for Helping Hands was developed because Dr. Pasternak saw many animals go without dental care simply due to cost. People could barely justify medically necesary dental care, much less routine preventative care. Until people experience what a difference it makes for their pet, they have no idea how much dental care significantly improves their pet’s quality of life. Many people have no idea how much oral pain their pets live with because they simply do not complain and rarely stop eating until it is so, so bad. We are so excited to be able to offer affordable dental care to help people take better care of their pet’s mouth. They will feel better, food will taste better, eating will no longer be painful, and they can kiss you with fresh breath!

Here’s how we do it…Your pet will be sedated and all teeth will be thoroughly cleaned. If needed, any/ all extractions are included at the veterinarian’s discretion. We do not extract healthy teeth. The veterinarian will do a thorough oral exam, extract loose and decayed teeth. You will be sent home with a dental chart describing your pet’s mouth and any needed medications. We do not provide dental radiographs. We extract all teeth that are loose and/or visibly diseased. If your veterinarian has any special dental concerns, we will be happy to review any dental radiographs they would like to provide.

We love to see mouths that clean up easily and have little to no decay or loose teeth. Providing affordable preventative dental care to keep mouths healthy is our mission after all. However, occasionally, owners are often shocked at how many teeth are extracted from their pet’s mouth. We do not extract healthy teeth. Our fee does not change whether we extract no teeth or every tooth. Extracting teeth takes time, therefore costs us, so we promise if we extract more teeth than you expect, it is in your pet’s best interest, not ours. The shock from the extractions will turn to joy the next day when your pet is eating better and acting years younger because they no longer have a mouth full of tooth aches!

Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care
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  1. Emily Bowdle Reply

    My rescued Siamese cat of seven years had terrible cat breath. The local vet prescribed an antibiotic which got rid of the smell, but he said the cat needed extensive dental work which he could not provide. I called a place which he recommended and they quoted me a price of $1400 to $2100. I found Helping Hands on line, and thought I would take a chance even though it meant a 3 and 1/2 hour trip with a very vocal cat. By the way, I found that putting her in a harness before caging her seemed to calm her.

    I was very impressed with Helping Hands new facility and the friendly assistants. But better yet, my cat had a wonderful experience—she was happy, in no pain and ready to eat. She now has only 6 teeth but continues to eat only hard food (her choice). She seems much happier and plays like a kitten, and we cuddle with not hint of cat breath.

    From my experience, I would highly recommend Helping Hands. They suggest that while you wait–they do have a nice waiting room–you visit Richmond. It is a lovely city.