Pregnant teenager goes to the dentist – Part 1

School project video
Part 2:

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  1. Addison Ashton Reply

    Geezzz I know this is fake but like can they buy the girl clothes that can fit her

  2. Elisa Nj Reply

    I think I’ve time-traveled to 1275 BC 😂

  3. SEK Reply

    What has my life turned into

  4. Natoya green Reply

    Her belly looks like an oversized balloon that . belly is fake she can not foul people with an horrible belly and what a teenage make a man breath her

  5. Aimee Willox Reply

    This came out 9 years ago and it's Recommended to me now ? WHY??

  6. Frank Deux Reply

    At least hold the door for the pregnant lady!

  7. karen cain Reply

    no pregnant woman wears that shot of shorts

  8. Squshie Bois Reply

    Back on the weird side..;-; eve. Tho its not real still weird

  9. KC MARTIN Reply

    Imagine if she was pregnant and the baby grew up and saw this
    Kid: mom what is this
    Mom: well honey I can explain😬😌
    Edit: This is so fake u can tell btw their country accent is so funny btw this is so EXTRA 😆

  10. ya its gil Reply

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  11. Sam Lewis Reply

    My mum was pregnant when she was 13 or 14

  12. Don't Harrison Reply

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