Pulled my own tooth using vise grips

How to pull your own tooth. This is a video of me pulling my own tooth at home; materials used: visegrips, hands, tooth. 🙂

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  1. Negle Lir Reply

    Yaiks. Didnt it hurt like hell???

  2. MasMulaMike Reply

    He got big balls couldn't bring myself to do these kind of things

  3. EES80 Reply

    Pulling your own tooth is a bitch. I recently joined the club… hurt like hell but felt so much better afterwards. Had to have one of the roots removed by a dentist later as it snapped off.

  4. o p Reply

    This tough Dude is one Stand up Guy , I bet they couldn't break him at Fort Gitmo ,in Cuba .

  5. Armando Benitez Reply

    That how do it when 1900s. No dental just get drunk or high

  6. RSH21 Reply

    Shut up with the thank you lord and jesus bullshit.

  7. jason127x99 Reply

    Damn!! Wonder if you could've got that filled instead of pulling it?

  8. Tamara Bitter Reply

    Ok i don't know if i can do this which yes it will hurt alot which i don't know any girls that do this get pliers and pull a tooth out i only think its a guys thing but yea i don't know any girls that do this but it depends i don't know and at dentist i only think guys do root canals ok i will see if girls can do this😂well yes girls can do anything guys can do but there's some things girls can't do that guys do which like they say don't judge a book by its cover 😂 i guess your free to do what ever feels ok for u😂👍

  9. Potatoes galore Potato Reply

    This guy is a idiot for doing that. It’s like trying to get a brick out of the wall.

  10. m j Reply

    You have to wiggle it.

  11. Kaylercool Reply

    So, I have a tooth that is behind all my other teeth. It's in the middle of my mouth on the bottom. It's right behind one of my teeth, making it really hard to clean and it just makes daily life uncomfortable for me. It's under my tongue and makes me gag at times.
    I can't afford dental care at the moment, but I really just want it gone.
    So, that's how I ended up here.

  12. KeanParody Reply

    Was he cryin?
    If that was me i would

    Cry like hell

  13. Jay Po Reply

    I'm about to do this to my last wisdom tooth but I'm sorta chickenshit because my other 3 wisdoms had 5 roots each. Luckily I went to a dentist to have them taken out & had local anesthesia. That sound was crazy, I think I'll turn up the music when I do it. Had to revisit this video to say that it turns out that I had a piece of steak stuck between my gums that caused an abscess & after removing it, the pain & swelling went away. Thank goodness that I didn't have to do what you did but this was an awesome & satisfying video.

  14. Tryinnosaurus Rex Reply

    OMG, forget “god” this guy has a PHAT set of heavy NUTS in his pants!!! 😱😱😱😱