After a month and a half of irritating loose tooth distress, I decided to pull my own tooth. It was quite loose, I could move it by my tongue alone, so I did it! GO TO A DENTIST – DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, COMPLICATIONS AND/OR INFECTION MAY RESULT!

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  1. Asadian Belifont Reply

    I should be sleeping, but instead I'm watching people pull their own teeth out on YT @ almost 3am….wtf?? Btw that's crazy damn near no blood.

  2. CWBush73 Reply

    That was an easy one. Now tear out your own healthy tooth.

  3. James T Reply

    you must smoke lots cigarette!

  4. Roscoe Rockwell Reply

    He's the Bob Ross of pulling teeth!!! Makes me wanna paint some beautiful happy teeth!!!

  5. heartoffire305 Reply

    He has one of those radio show voices you know what I mean? Like I could hear him on my local radio station his voice is so good.

  6. ilømilõ - Reply

    Thank God I don't have his teeth lol I'm only 11 and I have a lose tooth I'm trying to pull it out but definitely not with what he was using

  7. Veronica Atkins Reply

    My tooth hurts so bad I literally understand you and I feel like doing the same

  8. Kovy Jersey Reply

    Man i was waiting for buddy to scream and jump out of his pants in pain lol

  9. Ace Christopher Deocareza Reply

    Yes he does has a painful voice so do I. I had to go home from school because of my tooth and I
    was not trying to cry and I was going to get members but I had to my head sid yo Ace go home you are
    giving me a headake so I did and im going to my dentist appointment on Wednesday to get it pulled out
    im not really scared I just get yup I do get scared LOL and im kinda un control thinking about this

  10. Pigeon ProDUCKtions Reply

    Dang i didn't know Adults could have loose teeth, When i wrote this comment i was on my last tooth it was a Caynine (( Sorry if i spelled that wrong it's because at the time i was watching this it was past midnight. )) And i was looking up how to take Caynines out so yeah…

  11. MissMeowZ Reply

    I Would've Been Scared, Cuz Would've It ACCIDENTALY Goes In Ur Throut

  12. Raya Najjar Reply

    You should narrate teeth pulling videos. You have such a soothing voice amidst this ecent

  13. Mandy Whitford Reply

    I could listen to you talk all day. Such a soothing voice