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    <3 still one of my fave videos on the internet. I wonder how he is right now!

  2. Nathan Hart Reply

    If someone does it tell them it won't hert

  3. Nathan Hart Reply

    I did that and it's on Facebook but it did not pull it out it just made it very 1 second later I wiggle it and it comes out

  4. Chapman Swaine Reply

    when your son asks "is this going to hurt" the correct response is always "i dont know, tell me after" unless you know for a fact it will hurt alot

  5. Roy Brown Reply

    Still old enought to be pullin baby teeth? dafuq u doin with a youtube account?

  6. Oniix Windrunner Reply

    man I wish I thought of that when I was a kid that would have been cool 🙁

  7. AlphaOmegaPack Reply

    I actually done this with 2 of my baby teeth and it did not hurt and my dad was like "you son are kinda stupid"

  8. gamegeekx Reply

    ok I'll be the first one to say it. That gun makes him look like Dale from the walking dead.

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    aaaaaaawwwwwchhhhhhhhhhh i remember eating an apple on the loose tooth was oooouuuuusshhhhhyyyy