Roadside dentist shows how he makes false teeth

A Varanasi self-styled roadside dentist shows the process of making false teeth..

As cars speed past patients in Varanasi don’t think twice about having their teeth seen to by the city’s popular street dentists.

And it’s not only in Varanasi, it happens in cities all over India.
Self-proclaimed roadside dentists perform complicated dental procedures on patients with limited funds using almost medieval equipment.

There’s no clinic, no costly chairs, no electric drills, there’s no need for an appointment even, patients just pull up a plastic stool and hope the dentist will relieve any pain with a rusty set of pliers.

Most of these roadside dentists do not have a degree or relevant formal qualification. Usually, they get some dental work experience as an assistant dentist.

Many people who can not afford to pay a qualified dentist, are turning to the road dentists to solve problems related to teeth. They earn about $ 1.80 or more per day, depending on the number of patients. If you have toothache in India, you can refer to the roadside dentist.

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27 Replies

  1. Ashwini Yatnur Reply

    Hey man come to our clg ….Then u will be the head of department of PCP and surgery

  2. An Atheist Reply

    Humanity +1. Sadly, other countries have laws against doing this – making it more expensive.

  3. chhavi Suman Reply

    Situation of dentistry in India…
    We are dying every single minute to obtain our digress doing everything we can to be a good dentist… But this person is doing like dentistry is all joke…
    There was a comment below saying doing dental degree is not expensive… Then just tell me have you ever enter into a dental college? Have you ever took a minute to see through our lives?
    What right do you have saying dentistry is not expensive?
    This is a complete disrespect to a dentist.
    People are stupid enough to risk there life just to save money.
    Anyone for whom dentistry is nothing before saying any bullshit step into a dental college for a day and try to live our life…. If it's still nothing to you, then keep on appreciating these road side workers and keep risking your life.
    For those saying dental treatments are expensive, I think wasting money on stupid stuff like shopping unnecessary things, is not expensive. Right?
    Stop disrespecting dentistry if you want a good dentist in India.

  4. Abhishek Reply

    He make impression and manipulation better than us😂😂😂

  5. shankey contractor Reply

    to do such procedure u need to study dental surgeon course
    dentist deal with our mouth which is most important area in our body close to eyes nose brain etc
    for any complications they are trained medicaly
    so one must use qualified dentist
    and this people should be left to do carpentery job at least it will not cost someone's life

  6. Anuj Meena Reply

    garib log kya karee hospital kafii costly padta hai govt. ko kuch karna chahiye

  7. Ramlah Bachnud Reply

    Mendapatkan bahan untuk membuat gigi palsu dimana ya helinya bisa di tampilkan. trims imformasinya ok

  8. batuhan arslan Reply

    I have been studying dentistry for 3 years. He is better than my prosthesis proffesor

  9. Jacob Casallas Reply

    beep beeepp bip beèep hoinkķk honk tiiit tiii biiipppp beep beèeeeeep,aah?sound of india!!😅😆😂✌✌

  10. Mafr0 Reply

    OK, so this is only showing about 20% of the overall process. how about we show the whole thing next time, or simply change the title to 'fits false teeth'

  11. LaMonaLisa Reply

    I remember when I was a dental assistant, it's difficult enough getting a good alginate impression and pouring the dental stone without getting air bubbles and not breaking the casted teeth when removing the tray, this guy did awesome, aside from the obvious higiene concerns, despite him not having proper fitting trays and some of other tools everything he did was pretty much on point!Its so cool he's using his knowledge to help out those who can benefit from it

  12. We Want To Learn Reply

    Do not call him a dentist. It takes lot of hardworking to become a dentist. Dentistry is not only about the tooth but also about the structures of maxillofacial region. His work is impressive. But complete denture making is only a basic and most simple part of prosthodontics.