Robin’s Safe Sex Lesson – Dental Dam Use

Robin Byrd has promoted safe sex practices on her cable show and in public appearances for decades. This short piece was presented as part of her NYC cable show.

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  1. DiscoDashco Reply

    Did she just say Nonoxidil-9 stops a virus?

  2. Candida Hamilton Reply

    Don't be stupid…the dental dam is used to cover more than just the tongue…protect yourself at all times! Think more than right now…you and times will change…don't make a temporary decision impact the rest of your life! Protection counts!

  3. Michael Mcgee Reply

    I was watching the restored version of Debbie Does Dallas  1978, Then the interview with Robin Byrd how she started her cable show and discouraged Homophobia on the show,Then I decided to check to see if there are clips of her show on You tube.I wonder what she is doing now.I hope it's not a Desire Cousteau  act.Quitting the business and  deciding to be a child psychiatrist denying  the adult businesses.this is what keeps censorship in power  against the biz nationally

  4. sailorstarllights Reply

    That was actually really informative. Hell of a lot more than I was taught in school.

  5. Mark Farmer Reply

    I was expecting to see this demonstrated.

  6. danniterrwh09 Reply

    I'm not going to lie I thought she was a man before she started talking. Lmao

  7. RufusLeakin Reply

    She's about as sexy as a sack of dirty laundry!

  8. braddockakalatis2 Reply

    Why did Cheri Oteri play her when they had Will Ferrell ready to go?

  9. ManBerg Reply

    The only reason I would ever need a dental dam, was if I ever went down on that god-aweful, Bret Michaels looking, ugly tranny. And I would not let that diseased crotch get in the same room with me. WTF???

  10. Alex Drum Reply

    why are there so many dislikes?! this shit is hilarious!!! ……wait…. its not a joke???… oh….. also if you hold down 1 she blows… or sucks, whatever you're into.