Ron White – Poop Tooth – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

While Ron White was on tour, he lost a tooth and went to extremely messy lengths to recover it.

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32 Replies

  1. Collin Blatt Reply

    Why does the title intro have to be so long for a youtube video?

  2. PsychoActiveGaming Reply

    Why didn’t he just make himself puke it up right after swallowing!? 🤣

  3. Tony Lozano Reply

    "I told him to eat a steaming bowl of FUCK"- Ron white for president

  4. Joe Momma Reply

    I personally would of make myself through up. Still gross but the question is poop or puke. At least puking is faster and cleaner.

  5. puckindaface313 Reply

    Is the guy with the black backwards hat on a porn star?

  6. DrBraxy Gilkey Reply

    Ron "Tater Salad" White!!!! Lol! I love his comedy!!!

  7. Dayna Silvey Reply

    Only Ron White would tell that story. He is funny. No doubt about it. ……😂

  8. bamadeadhead Reply

    Why do people from Texas sometimes say they’re from West Texas or East Texas like it’s some kind cool stake to a claim. I’m from FKN WEST! Texas y’all!! So the fuck what?

  9. Kay Kay Reply

    Why the fuck wouldn't you just force yourself to throw up. Another case of more money than brains…

  10. imrickjamesbeeoch Reply

    Who fucking cares about Nancy Grace? If she's even on your radar, you're fucking dumb.

  11. Herb Tenderson Reply

    A steaming bowl of fuck. I'm going to offer that to people who piss me off from now on.

  12. Anthony Veloni Reply

    I love Ron White but that ending was sooooooo anticlimactic… Lol but then again, I can't tell a story worth shit…

  13. bruce lee Reply

    Who else Is getting their car worked on while watching this?

  14. nadja Reply

    So now I'm way more high-tech than I used to be…
    ha ha

  15. Hook Set Reply

    This is the same the same story my mothers friend would tell down to the strainer difference was it was her contact lenses one came out right away the other took a few more days and was torn, she didn't have her case and she was so hammered for some reason it made since to put em under her tongue and fall asleep. Her story was about how broke and desperate she was at the time but she was afraid to use them because they were stained brown so she called her optometrist to ask and he felt so bad for her he gave her a new pair. I would have thought she stole the story but I heard it 25 years ago and her story was more detailed and much funnier. He forgot the butter knife and spoon. poop tooth / brown eye…same same. if your making 1500 a week a dentist in Atlanta could have set him up with a temp crown same day for a few hundred. Either way your paying for a new crown a dentist won't cement that poo crown back in. 😂😂😂

  16. Docholland45 Reply

    I keep lookin at the blonde to the bottom right.