Root Canal Treatment Demonstration. A how to procedure on Front Tooth in HD.

Learn the steps that go into a standard root canal on an upper, front tooth.

The Root canal begins with anesthesia, followed by prepping the area, then drilling into the center of the tooth (the canal). Then the dentist uses a combination of hand and rotary files to clean out the canal and remove the nerves. Intermittent irrigation follows before sealing the canal and putting in the root canal filling (gutta percha).

Part 2 is the installation of a post & core for a crown.

Special Thanks To:

Dr. James Lee of Lee Family Dentistry
Charlottesville, VA

37 Replies

  1. sai prasanthi Reply

    Today iam also going for the treatment she treated me without anesthesia its really give me hard pain. I never forget this day in my life.

  2. Blackpink Twice Reply

    Is it okay to have root canal if the half part of the tooth is broke vertically?

  3. Maddy M Reply

    I felt no pain during the root canal it was the shots that numb you up was the most painful part and it wasn't to bad

  4. Maddy M Reply

    Just got one done on the same tooth yesterday

  5. Sukh Deep Reply

    I just went through the same process today

  6. ke ray Reply

    LMAO i have to get one tomorrow in the front on the side 😭

  7. N Lind Reply

    I just had this today in the same tooth. It dosn't feel pain at all. Just sleepy and boring

  8. Kaley Mcclelland Reply

    I am 13 and have been through a lot of dental trauma, in grd 5 I was in a accident and my two front teeth were sheered off and the nerves were exposed. A lot has happened since then the caps have popped off and damage has been done. I had a root canal on both of my front teeth and it was a great experience not scary at all. My endodontist was amazing and he was so helpful and kind to me. I just wanted to put out there that this may seem very scary and nerve racking but it’s not I have been through so much and if something similar has happened to you don’t worry or be scared because it will be ok!

  9. SOWHAT Reply

    I had a twisted front tooth due to my wisdom teeth causing them to shift. Personally the Root Canal is way worse than a cavity filling but not as bad as wisdom removal. You will feel pain but when you let the DR know he’ll make you more numb. But I felt some pain during the ending of the procedure. Like 6/10. I had to get prescribed pills. Everyone’s different but this was my experience

  10. Key Wizard Reply

    People,don't listen to these people scaring you,you will feel no pain whatsoever during root canal session except the injection of anesthesia,i had it 3 yrs ago,you're numb for the next 2 hrs…

  11. Dean Reply

    I have to get a root canal is it painful

  12. Anak Betawi Ngungsi Reply

    I had root canal about 3 month ago. during the procedure it wasn't hurt. the doctor said my tooth already death. but now, deep inside my tooth is hurting ….. is there anybody know how to treat it with home remedy?

  13. Richard Holloway Reply

    I have been putting my front tooth root canal off for 8 years, I have decided to get it done at last!

  14. MiahDiamry Reply

    Is that a needle in the beginning that Is in his tooth?

  15. QrazedGaming Reply

    Ive had 7 root canals the worst part is the injections to numb the mouth after that its really not that bad.

  16. Keirstein Anne Occena Reply

    I supposed to have a root canal treatment. But I am really scared the way it's done .

  17. Deegu channel Reply

    is it painful please reply
    it's really necessary to know for me

  18. Vlad Alexandru Reply

    Wtf guys… Today i just had a root canal treatment on my front tooth without any anesthesia and i didnt feel anything. No pain trust me, stop scaring ppl because it its painless

  19. SilkHandz74 Reply

    I got a root canal done yesterday. It was easy breezy. No worries.

  20. nayan t Reply

    my endodontist thinks i need a root canal after i get my braces off in a couple months, but ive had a long journey with my teeth with multiple surgeries and braces over the course of many years, and these are my final stages to perfect teeth so i guess i'll cope with the pain lol

  21. Tolovve Reply

    Root canal treatment is very bad you’ll end up with an infection sooner or later guaranteed. Save yourself the trouble is extract it now. You’ll have to take the tooth out at the end. Root canal is a short term treatment with no light at the end of the tunnel.

  22. Raven Productions Reply

    Question how do u guys breathe witb that fabric ? I would not breathe and how about ppl who have panic attack

  23. deez N Reply

    How long will it take to get a crown after a root canal procedure?

  24. Rachelle Mena Reply

    I had root canal just now. I did not feel anything. The only thing that hurts is when the doctor injected me the anesthesia, then poof! No more pain even after the anesthesia wears off! She is very good

  25. Thomas Reply

    Just had this done, it didnt hurt at all!

  26. Faneto 187 Reply

    You guys are all pussies the root canal doesn't hurt one bit and i got mine when i was 17. They numb you up at first the shots in your gums hurt more then anything else. But now that my crown is loose (on the tooth that got the root canal) I don't even know what to do idk if i have to get a implant or what it's complete bullshit they just leave me in the dust on everything. Almost a waste of time after a couple of years no matter what your root canal has to get a implant. What a waste of my money fucking stupid ass dentist

  27. DaniMount Reply

    Just had one. The most painful bit was the injection.

  28. John S Reply

    I regret watching this I have to get one done next week man spending all that time brushing flossing and rinsing my mouth out with mouthwash really paid off